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The End Of The Yeezy 350 V2?

It has been three months since the last Yeezy 350 V2 was released.

The new year of 2018 has been quiet for Kanye.

In just the opening months, we have seen Adidas drop countless variations of Pharrell’s NMDs and Tennis - particularly the Holi Festival colourways.  

It begs the question...  Where is the love for Kanye? Is big brother being neglected?

Or does Adidas have something planned for the Yeezy 350 V2s...?


Thanks to Yeezy Mafia, we have an idea of what is installed.


 Source: Yeezy Mafia

These colourways are nothing but clean. All three colourways have shedded both the zebra pattern and the SPLY-350 logo. According to several sources, the “SPLY-350” wordmark and stripe flips over from the outer lateral side of the sneaker to the inner medial side.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Butter”

After receiving names like  “Ice Yellow” and “Peanut Butter”, the “Butter”  features a controversial yellow primeknit upper. Reminiscent of the “Semi-Frozen Yellow” or the “Yebras”, this colourway has received quite a few negative remarks by fans. However, we all know that despite how “ugly”,  people will still fight over them…

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Cream White”

Released almost a year ago, the beloved “Cream White” makes a return in 2018. The colourway serves as both a clean take on the classic Kanye shoe as well as a canvas for aspiring customisers everywhere.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Sesame”

This colourway takes us back in time to 2015, specifically to the days of the Oxford Tan. The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame, features like the 2015 version, a monotonal tan/ earthy more like sesame primeknit upper. It also lacks the ‘SPLY-350’ logo, but this iteration flaunts a nicely contrasting, much-love gum outsole. So maybe this colorway will be Yeezys next big release, combining the color of the famous Oxford tan and the gum outsoles. 

What's The Go With SPLY-350? 

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was the first Yeezy to feature the words ‘SPLY-350’. To this day, no one really knows what this means, but some believe that it stands for ‘Saint Pablo Loves You’, named after Kanye’s 2016 album ‘The Life Of Pablo’. In a Reddit thread started by arvbspring off of his Instagram account, a photo posted shows a direct comparison in the treatment of the Yeezus album packaging and the graphic orange stripe across the sneaker’s upper.


Source: Hypebeast 

Looking at some numbers, we formulated some infographics summarising Yeezy V2s in Australia!

yeezy-infograph-2   yeezy-infographic-1

Unsurprisingly, New South Wales and Victoria tops the states in Yeezy V2 consumption. What is quite interesting however is that Queensland comes in third for highest consumption.

And what is even more surprising is that the popular colourways in Queensland are the Core Black Copper, Green and Red which dropped on Black Friday. According to the rarity chart below provided by Yeezy Mafia, the Black Friday colourways are actually ranked second in rarity. Quite surprising hey?

New South Wales loving the Zebras…? Quite a surprise especially when it has been noticed that most hypebeasts lurking the streets of Sydney tend to confide towards the subtle colourways like the Breds.

However, with the high resell price as shown in the resell value infographic, maybe it was the price point that stopped New South Wales from having the BReds as their most popular colourway?

It is also apparent that states like Northern Territory and South Australia are late adopters of the Yeezy V2s with the popular colourways being the Beluga 2.0 and Blue Tints - released late 2017.

With reference to the resell value infographic, these two colourways are the cheaper colourways, which might imply that these late adopting states perhaps don’t even care about the reputation of their colorways, but just want to rock the silhouette? I think this is safe to say especially when looking at Yeezy Mafia’s rarity chart that shows both colourways being the least rare.

Something that was quite interesting from the infographic is that the most popular colourway from Victoria is the Cream Whites. Known for its bold fashion and unique style, you would expect Victoria to favour a colourway like the Zebra.

Perhaps the Melbournians are trying their best to separate themselves from the Sydney-siders? Or maybe they just want to rock the cleaner look?


Source: SoleCollector 

Looking at the two most recent drops, we can see that the Blue Tints and Beluga 2.0s are not only the least rare but also have the least resell value. This is an obvious correlation of course. Higher rarity equals higher resell value. But to see both rarity and resell at a low, could this mean the Yeezy V2s are not loved anymore?  

Well the new Yeezy V2 colourways might say otherwise. In my opinion, they are much more wearable than some of the previous colourways we’ve seen.

The past few years have shown us the rising popularity of earth tones in fashion. And it seems as though the Yeezy V2s are carrying this trend into 2018. These subtle are less bold than previous.

And that’s the beauty of these colourways. The earth tones seem as though they would be compatible with a variety of outfits, giving the ability to dress up or down.

Whilst these design changes seem subtle, one might dare say that it is in fact an audacious move by Adidas. Given the already sleek silhouette of the sneaker, these new colourways will transform the look of the Yeezy V2.


The V2s are not a silhouette just for the bold anymore.

I think with these upcoming colourways, it is safe that Adidas might just be attempting to gain mass appeal.

Honestly, being someone who has been against supporting Yeezys, I might be a victim to these clean colourways. There have been already eleven colourways of the V2s versus the four colourways of the original Yeezy 350…

Maybe this is an indication that the V2s have lost their exclusivity and are now a sneaker for the wider community. 

A shoe that was once synonymous with the hypebeasts of the sneaker scene and diehard Kanye fans; is now a shoe that can be loved by everyone.


What are your thoughts on where the Yeezy V2 is headed?

Do you like the silhouette with or without the SPLY-350 and zebra pattern?

Let us know in the comments below!


By Daniel PUSHAS

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