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Buy, Sell or Hold: Jordan 4 'Shimmer'


2021 saw the release of many interesting Jordans that were out of the ordinary.

Jordan brand this year has focused more than usual on introducing women specific shoes and accommodating to their styles and aesthetics.

The latest sneaker to join this line-up is the women’s exclusive Air Jordan 4 'Shimmer'.

The Jordan 4 'Shimmer' has caught the attention of many people around the world recently and has gained a lot of popularity due to its interesting colourway.

The sneaker has even been compared to shoes such as the Off-White Jordan 4 'Sails' being labelled as a cheaper alternative.

Today, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the Women's Air Jordan 4 'Shimmer'.  

We'll be analysing whether you should buy, sell or hold onto the shoe.

Whether you're a reseller or a casual collector we’ll be addressing all aspects and help you decide whether this shoe is right for you.


The Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Shimmer' released on September 3rd of 2021 for the retail price of $260 AUD ($190 USD).

With many shoes during 2021 featuring a university blue or bright yellow colour, this buttery beige sneaker brought a breath of fresh air to many people.

The shoe featured for the first time a bronze eclipse, orange quartz and metallic colour scheme and took inspiration from varying neutral shades.

This model in particular is highlighted by its soft buttery nubuck overlays and burnished suede leather which sheens naturally over time.

Furthermore, the Jordan 4 'Shimmer' also contains transparent outsole and lace locks which is contrasted by the metallic silver Jumpman logo on the tongue.

Overall, this design is definitely exclusive and will not disappoint any regular Jordan 4 fan. 



Having a look at the price of the Jordan 4 'Shimmer' we can see that it is currently selling for around $370 to $400 AUD as of October 2021.

Most people who compare this shoe compare it to the Off-White Jordan 4, however the price point and release styles of these aren’t similar and thus we shouldn’t expect them to be the same in price.

Having said that we can still expect the Jordan 4 'Shimmers' to have a strong demand as people turn towards them as alternatives to the Off-White 4s.

Instead of comparing them to the Off-White 4s, our closest comparison is the Jordan 4 in the 'Fossil' colorway.

Whilst not exactly the same in colour, its relatively similar neutral tones and similarity as a general release provides more insight into how this shoe will do over time.

Prices for the Jordan 4 in the 'Fossil' colourway have been steadily increasing over time and now actively sell in the $500 AUD range.

Comparing the sales volume between the Jordan 4 Fossil and Shimmer, we see that the 'Shimmer' has over five times the amount of lifetime sales as the 'Fossil'.

2000 for the 'Fossil' and 10,000 for the Shimmer.

Despite being out for less than 3 months it has overtaken the 'Fossil' in sales and shows very small volatility in its sale price.

Thus it is safe to assume that the demand for the 'Shimmers' will eventually cause the price to meet and surpass those of the 'Fossils'.

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Credit: @SneakerPolitics

Buy, Sell or Hold?

If you are a sneaker lover deciding when to purchase the 'Shimmers', I would recommend purchasing it now before the price starts creeping up.

With most stores having finished distributing their pairs and the release date long passed, no more new pairs will come into circulation causing existing pairs to rise over time.

For any keen investors out there I would suggest sticking to sizes 7.5W-12W as they have historically shown to have the most growth.

However, investing in the Jordan 4 'Shimmer' does come with some drawbacks.

The high price point of each pair means that the initial investment will be quite large and might not yield a great return on investment.

I predict that the Jordan 4 'Shimmers' will reach $500 in six to eight months.

With how saturated the market is right now it is not certain how long a shoe will take to rise up however.


In conclusion the Jordan 4 'Shimmer' is a great shoe for all types of sneakerheads.

Whether you're looking to splash your wardrobe with a new aesthetic or looking to predict the market I think you can’t go wrong with this shoe as it will maintain its value in the years to come.

You can purchase the Jordan 4 Shimmers here

Written by Oliver Tan - Analyst

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