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Buy, Sell or Hold: Jordan 4 White Oreo


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The Nike Air Jordan 4 has been one of the best selling shoes of 2021.

Starting the year with the University Blues, the Jordan 4 has definitely made an impact and challenged the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG for most popular shoe of 2021.

With the Lightning 4s just around the corner, demand keeps going up and so do the prices.

Today, we will be talking about the recently released Jordan 4 White Oreos and predict its price in the future.

We will be discussing stock numbers, demand and if this shoe has a place in sneaker culture.

Ultimately, if you’re someone who’s looking to either invest or buy this shoe, this article is for you.



The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo released on July 3rd for $260 AUD for men's pairs and $170 for grade school.

The White Oreos are a unique shoe that feature hits of Tech Grey on the eyelets and a white leather upper.

From the onset, the shoe may simply look like a neutral-toned Jordan 4.

However with the midsole displaying that iconic cement colorway, it’s no wonder people compare these to the original retro Jordan 4 White cement.

A closer inspection will also reveal a red Jumpman logo embroidered on the tongue adding a pop of colour contrasting the tech white outsole.

This shoe takes similar elements of the 2015 Jordan 4 “Oreo” but flips the black to white and instead opts for a more traditional netting.

Whilst it doesn’t feature the “Nike Air” branding on the heel tab, it still features a clean grey Jumpman logo.

The Jordan 4 White Oreo is a clean shoe perfect for summer and definitely something you don’t want to be sleeping on.


Air Jordan 4 Retro "White Oreo" Releasing in 2021 - JustFreshKicks

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With it being just over a month since its release date, the Jordan 4 White Oreo has definitely been an interesting shoe to cover.

In the past 2 weeks alone the shoe has seen a substantial rise of over $50 AUD.

Reaching an all time low of $370 it has quickly since then shot right back up to around $420 depending on sizes.

This rise definitely caught a lot of people by surprise.

However when we look at the sales from May to June before the official release, it was pretty clear that there was a strong demand as seen by the 400+ sales around $500 AUD.

Now that all stores have dropped their stock, prices have been creeping up to match the demand.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any sneakerhead that Jordan 4s have made a comeback.

When you look at previous Jordan 4s in the past 2 years they have proven to be worthwhile investments giving up to 50-100% in returns.

Even a lot of lowkey Jordan 4s have seen a lot of interest and have followed suit.

For example, the Jordan 4 Fire Reds were a shoe that were selling just over retail at around $300 AUD during its release.

Since then, it has risen well above $450 and continues to go up.

Worldwide people estimate that there are around 90,000 pairs in total which is similar to the Jordan 4 UNCs.

This may sound like a big number but bear in mind that most Jordan 1 releases are nearly double this stock if not more.

This medium to low stock number plays a big part in how the shoe grows in demand over time.


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Buy, Sell or Hold?

Like all the previous Buy, Sell or Holds I’ve written, it is not recommended to invest in shoes unless you have enough capital to continue buying shoes at your full potential.

These Jordan 4s will most likely be a long hold if you plan to see some serious returns.

Otherwise, I do believe that these shoes are a good hold.

They have proven that there is a strong demand and their recent jump in price only reinforces that.

Given how saturated the market is however, I would estimate these shoes rising to around $550 by at best the end of the year.

This doesn’t create a huge return on investment but it is definitely a safe one.

If you’re looking for a personal pair, I would suggest buying now.

The prices have been moving upwards and if you wait too long you might regret it.



Although not a shoe that Michael Jordan wore himself, the Jordan 4 White Oreo has its place in culture as one of the simplest Jordans out there.

Its clean white tumbled leather and similarity to the White Cement 4s make it the perfect shoe for someone looking to get into sneakers on a budget.

It's wearable, stylish and has a lot going for it.

I definitely see this shoe as being slept on and later people getting shocked at the price it has reached. 


You can purchase the Jordan 4 White Oreos here

Written by Oliver Tan - Analyst


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