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Hold Or Sell: Sacai Blazers



'Hold Or Sell' is a new series of written blog posts published on PUSHAS where our Co-Founder & CEO provides his own Investment Thesis Memo on individual sneakers and whether he believes you should hold a certain sneaker (if he thinks prices will go up) or sell a sneaker (if prices may go down). 


Sneaker Name

Nike Blazer Mid x Sacai


The Nike Blazer Mid x Sacai is a joint collaboration between Nike's staple silhouette Blazer with the Japanese design house Sacai.

This sneaker is known for it's signature layered swooshes.


The Sacai collaborations have been sweeping the sneaker scene by storm in 2019.

While designs are quite out of left field, they are objectively a very attractive sneaker. Therefore, regardless of hype, these sneakers should fetch a resale premium over hyped sneakers that aren't attractive.

Further, a lot of sneakerheads on the PUSHAS platform search Sacai Blazer. Over the past month, it is up there as one of the top searches.

Generally speaking, Sacai collaborations have always fetched a certain premium. Most Sacai sneaker collaborations are going for $800+ with some colourways breaking the 4 figure threshold. 

For this reason alone, I believe that the Sacai Blazers have a great potential - albeit over a period of time - to also break the 4 figure ceiling.

Key Risks

The key risk for this sneaker is whether Nike and Sacai can hold it in their pants and not flood the market with too many silhouettes and colourways.

We've seen what this has done to the Jordan brand over the years, which allowed for Yeezys to take a foothold in hypebeast culture.

Another key risk is if these sneakers re-release - which will definitely drag the price of the Sacai Blazer down.

I do not believe that change in consumer tastes will be a key risk for this silhouette.


I am of the firm belief that the Sacai Blazers speculators should HOLD as prices should arguably trend up over time. They are currently hovering around the $600 mark, which I believe is undervalued over the long run.


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