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How To Buy Yeezys In Australia

(Last Updated: 10 June 2022)



  1. Where To Buy Yeezys In Australia?
  2. Buying Retail
  3. Facebook Groups / Gumtree
  4. Consignment Store
  5. Overseas Website
  7. Conclusion

Where To Buy Yeezys In Australia?

It's no secret that purchasing a pair of Yeezys in Australia can be quite difficult.

A simple search of 'Buy Yeezy Australia' on Farfetch returns a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 Bones for over $849 to Sydney Australia.

This is well above the market price for what they go for. A pair of Yeezy 350 V2 'Bones' on PUSHAS is hovering at ~$550 at the time of the latest update to this article (10 June 2022).

Where To Buy Yeezy Australia

Compared to the US, it is really difficult to buy a pair of Yeezys in Australia.

In the US, there are a multitude of reseller platforms, as well as brick and mortar stores that have an abundance of stock.

Even if you missed out retail, there is a number of safe and reliable avenues that you can pursue to find your pair, if you are willing to pay resale.

In Australia, there are only a few avenues that you can take if you want to buy Yeezys: Retail, Facebook Groups, Consignment Stores, Overseas Sites & PUSHAS.

Retail Yeezys In Australia

The first way to buy Yeezys in Australia is through Retail.

Whether you are purchasing from Adidas AU, Footlocker, or other stores that wholesale straight from the factory, this would be your best bet to purchase Yeezys at an affordable price. A pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2s would cost you around $340-420AUD shipped.

The only drawback is that you will waste a lot of time lining up on release date at stores. Even if you purchase online, you will still have to waste time "camping" on the website for your pair.

From an economics perspective, there is a notion of Opportunity Cost. If you get paid $30 an hour and you spent 3 hours trying to cop a pair, that is already a net loss of $90. This is even before factoring the cost of the Yeezys themselves. Time is money, especially in the business of Sneakers.

You might get lucky and you might be able to secure your pair. However, Yeezys are still hyped in Australia. Therefore, it is likely that you may waste a lot of time, and still miss out on purchasing Yeezys.

If you're bothered, you may even go to these stores and purchase off someone who managed to buy. They might resell the pair of Yeezys to you are a slightly higher price above retail.

Usually it is $100+ depending on the sneaker and how high they are speculated to resale for.

Retail is still the best way to cop Yeezys in Australia, even with all the drawbacks mentioned.

Facebook Groups / Gumtree

The next way to buy Yeezys in Australia is through Facebook Groups or Gumtree.

Both Facebook Groups and Gumtree require you to buy Yeezys off an individual reseller. Most of the time, the people on Facebook Groups are people who bought Yeezys at retail, and are now trying to resell them to make a profit.

There are many notable Facebook Groups in Australia, namely The Kickz Stand, Underground Society, SneakersAU etc.

Most of the time, you will be able to find Yeezys are reasonable resell prices similar to the prices that you find on PUSHAS. They might even be $50+ cheaper than on PUSHAS.

Facebook Groups & Gumtree are a very great way to buy Yeezys in Australia if you know what you are doing.

The only issues are that finding the right pair in the right size in the right condition may take a long time. You may also be exposed to scammers who may deliver fakes to you.

We have seen cases where a buyer has sent the seller money and the seller disappeared.

For a buyer who is not up to date with the latest sneakers, and fakes being produced, this could be a daunting experience.

Make sure that you trust the person you are buying from. We recommend you ask for reference from Admins or Mods or other members of the group you trust.

Even then, it is not entirely safe.

However, if you know what you are doing you may save yourself some money, which can be spent on your next pair!

Brick and Mortar Consignment Stores

Yeezy hype in Australia has seen a lot of new sneaker consignment stores open in the past 24 months across Australia.

Consignment stores have their place in the sneaker ecosystem in Australia.

Generally, they are very convenient as you are able to pop down to their store to buy your Yeezys. At the time of this piece, there is at least one big consignment store at every capital city in Australia.

Staff are generally helpful as you are able to speak to them in person. You are also able to see the Yeezys in person. This is great, as sometimes photos online and on Instagram may be misleading.

You might not like what the Yeezy looks like in person. It may be easier for you to compare the different Yeezy colourways if you have the pair in hand.

The only issues with consignment stores is that most of the time, the sneakers sold are overpriced. This is because most stores are located in the CBD of each respective capital city.

Rent for these stores are high. Staff wages needed to operate a retail store is also high. This is why most consignments stores need to price their sneakers higher, or take a bigger percentage from sellers, in order to remain profitable.

The customers of consignment stores value convenience over cost, which is why we will always see brick and mortar resale stores available in Australia for Yeezys.


PUSHAS: Yeezy 350 V2 Core Red. Photo by Thomas Serer

Buying From Overseas Websites

There are many websites available that you can buy Yeezys from if you live in Australia.

Australians have access to retail sites such as Sneakersnstuff, to resale platforms such as GOAT and Stockx. These websites are great to purchase Yeezys, especially as it allows you to have access to the stock that is available to sneakerheads in the US and worldwide.

No matter what Yeezy you are searching for, you will be able to purchase them from these websites. There is usually an Authenticity Guarantee as well so you may buy your Yeezys and get them shipped to Australia knowing they are genuine.

The only drawbacks are that prices can be expensive once you factor in Shipping, Currency Conversion, and GST. The Australian government now charges 10% GST on all overseas purchases.

Once you do the math, the prices of the resale websites such as GOAT and StockX end up being the same or even a bit more than resale prices in Australia. This is especially true for the Yeezy Australian market prices.

On top of that, shipping usually takes anywhere from 2-5 weeks from either GOAT or StockX. Most of these platforms need to get sneakers from the seller shipped. It is only then that the sneakers get authenticated and shipped to you.

This process can be quite long if you are unlucky.

Buying From PUSHAS

PUSHAS is an Australian sneaker marketplace based in Sydney.

Although we are obviously biased, we believe that PUSHAS is the best way to buy Yeezys in Australia. PUSHAS has AfterPay which can be used on sneakers up $1,000 depending on your AfterPay history.

We also provide 1-3 business day shipping for sneakerheads on the east coast including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Other states are 1-5 business days.

PUSHAS prices are reasonable for resell prices. We admit that some pairs may be priced high, but our sellers choose the price they want to sell their sneakers for. It is simply demand and supply.

You may also buy your yeezys knowing that transactions are safe as we use only trusted payment gateways such as PayPal and AfterPay.

PUSHAS also provides an Authenticity Guarantee, which means if your pair is fake, you will get your money back. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service, which is a Sydney based team.

You know that every chat message, email or phone call is from a local PUSHAS team member. Being an Australia-based sneaker marketplace really has its perks if you are an Australian customer.

We will be transparent though, there are still challenges with buying from PUSHAS. Sometimes, there is not enough sizes available for Yeezys. We have limited supply and therefore some sizes are prone to selling out very quickly.

It is not uncommon for Yeezys and other sneakers to be restocked with a few pairs per size and then be sold out within a matter of minutes.

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Buy Yeezys From PUSHAS


Your best option is to purchase Yeezys for retail in Australia. Unless you really are an expert with sneakers, buying from Facebook Groups and Gumtree may not be safe.

Consignment stores and overseas websites on the other hand are very safe, convenient and have a lot of supply for Yeezys. However, they may be very pricey. Overseas websites such as GOAT and StockX may also take a long time to ship.

PUSHAS is most likely your best option when buying Yeezys in Australia, if you are able to find your size.

This is because you get the relatively cheaper resale prices, with the convenience and safety of consignment stores.

Shipping is also very quick, and you even have the option to AfterPay.

Now that you know where you buy Yeezys, check out our Complete Yeezy Size Guide here to make sure you purchase the right size.

Check out the latest Yeezys on PUSHAS.


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