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How LeBron's Move Impacts LA Sneaker Culture


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It's been two weeks since LeBron's decision to sign with the Lakers, and yet the buzz is still high. The 33-year-old four-time league MVP and three-time NBA champion signed a four-year $154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Whilst the deal has shaken up the league, many believe LeBron's move to the city of Los Angeles has many effects on the entirety of sneaker culture...


How Lebron Will Play A Role In LA Sneaker Culture  

Perceived as a prodigy, LeBron was touted as Nike's poster boy, having signed a seven-year, $90 million deal with the company in 2003, a month ahead of being drafted No. 1 overall out of high school by the Cavaliers. The partnership was extended in 2010 at roughly $30 million annually, with a “lifetime” deal signed in 2015 that could be worth more than $1 billion, according to James’ business manager, Maverick Carter. 

With 15 models already in his signature line, LeBron enters the upcoming 2018-2019 NBA season with a lot of promise. Noted as the NBA’s top shoe seller in 2017 with his Nike signature sneakers, his 16th signature model will provide alot of heat both on and off the court. 

Amongst critics, Tinker Hatfield comments that LeBron switching to the Lakers will promise something special within Nike's shoe line.

"We're all excited about the fact that LeBron is still interested in winning more championships. If we can help him do that by, first of all, designing a product that helps him play at his highest level, that's job one. Job two, of course, is how can we leverage his personality moving to LA and kind of build a nice story around that. 

Personally, LeBron's move brings back many memories of his years in Miami. With similar vibes between the cities of Los Angeles and Miami, we can expect Nike to flesh out vibrant colourways of the upcoming LeBron 16. Think South Beach colours with the teal, pink and black...



Colours like these on LeBrons will definitely capitalise on the West Coast style. 

Having already been inspired by the Sean Wotherspoons and with the tropical vibes, we can expect many Californian sneakerheads taking full advantage of the potential vibrant colourways by looking to pair vibrant LeBron silhouettes with vintage clothing pieces. 

And it comes quite timely for these "Angelenos" with a new Round Two store opening up on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. 

The Future of LeBron's Partnership With Nike

Looking back at the LeBron 15, there was a particular shoe that caught a lot of attention...

The LeBron 15 Performance KITH King's Cloak and Suit of Armour. 

With a resell value of up to $3,000 according to StockX, you cannot deny the shoe's exclusivity and uniqueness. As seen in the pictures below, the shoe features a royalty theme with Nike's Battleknit upper, multicolored embroidery and a Riri zipper. 



Source: Highsnobiety 

However, what makes this shoe special is the door that it opens for LeBron as a potential sneaker collaborator and designer. 

Interviewed by SneakerNews, some of LeBron's favourite shoes off the court include the Air Max 95, Air Force 1, Jordan 1 and Jordan 3. These silhouettes also happen to be very popular on the West Coast as well...

Having seen the potential of the LeBron 15 KITH collaboration, perhaps this presents an opportunity for both the designers of Nike and LeBron? 

Perhaps we could expect exclusive family and friends pack of LeBron's favourite silouhettes such as the Air Max 95 and Air Force 1? 

Final Word 

LeBron's move to Los Angeles is undeniably huge.

Both for the NBA and LA sneaker culture. 

Whilst some are holding doubts about the current state of the sneaker culture, the future seems to be bright. 

Playing in one of the world's top sneaker cities would almost guarantee something special from LeBron and Nike - both on and off the court.


By Daniel PUSHAS

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