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PUSHAS Drops New Apparel To Forward The Culture

Our mission has always been to grow and evolve the culture in Australia and share it with the rest of the world.

It is our belief that the culture in Australia is world-class; it just needs channels, platforms, and an ecosystem for it to do amazing things.

Forwarding The Culture

In order to do this, we need to bring together a community who share in the PUSHAS mission. 

What better way to unite the culture than to have a symbol to represent the movement, a flag to bear and an identity to belong to. 

This symbol, this flag, and this identity is all encapsulated in our collection of Apparel. 

The collection is clean and completely unadulterated.

There is literally no bullsh*t - just like our focus in growing the culture and bringing everyone around the world who believes in this mission together.

We say the world because we believe anyone can forward this movement. Just like how you don't have to be from Atlanta to appreciate ATL Trap, or from the UK to appreciate Grime.

You don't have to be from Australia to believe we can contribute to the culture in a world-class way. 

As long as you subscribe to our lifestyle, you are apart of the PUSHAS tribe. 

About The Apparel

For this collection, we drew upon the streetwear style of Los Angeles and New York. 

Our designs are simple, clean and timeless - the fits of various pieces are a hybrid of the classic streetwear style of the 80s/90s while pushing the contemporary boundaries. 

Most other brands print their designs on apparel made in sweatshops in Bangladesh or China. Our merchandise is manufactured by a Los Angeles distributor - who ship our apparel straight to you from LA. 

If Australia's culture is going to be world class, we have to borrow from the expertise of world class manufacturers and ensure all our pieces are high-end.

We released the following:

'Premium Logo' T-Shirt


Our T-Shirts are not of standard fit and materials you see with other Tees, but are an ode to contemporary high-end streetwear. This Tee is a slim fit, double stitched and 100% combed cotton for a super soft hand feel.

You can cop the T-Shirt here

'Old Skool' Bucket Hat

PUSHAS Bucket Hat

Our 'Premium Logo' Bucket Hat pays homage to timeless practicality and vintage style. Perfect for fishing, hiking, and 80s-90s nostalgia. 

You can cop the Bucket Hat here

'Premium Logo' Hoodie


Our 2018 PUSHAS 'Premium Logo' Hoodie exudes the marks of contemporary, high-end streetwear. We used Californian fleece which, opposed to typical synthetic fleece of other countries, is made of 100% extra soft ring-spun combed cotton.

You can cop the Hoodie here

'Premium Logo' Beanie


Our 2018 'Premium Logo' Beanie conveys the PUSHAS vision through a clean, comfortable, and warm knit.

You can cop the Beanie here

'Pom-Pom' Beanie


Our PUSHAS 'Premium Logo' Beanie is not only warm and soft, but also playful with a pom-pom. 

You can cop the Pom-Pom Beanie here.

'Premium Logo' Sweatshirt

PUSHAS Sweatshirt

Its super soft, classic everyday unisex California fleece, with a traditional raglan sleeve, is a hallmark contemporary, high-end streetwear.

You can cop the Sweatshirt here


We're all about working together with other grassroots movements that are doing interesting things to forward the culture in Australia. 

So we thought, 'what's a better way to grow the culture, than to use PUSHAS as a platform to showcase interesting brands out there?'

We decided that we would reach out to a few interesting brands and collectives out there to collaborate with.

You will get the chance to cop some T-Shirt collabs with Australia's upcoming street brands when they drop in the next few weeks. They are in the pipeline right now so stay tuned.

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