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Why We Started PUSHAS: Australia's Premium Sneaker Marketplace

Starting Australia's Premium Sneaker Marketplace

The idea actually came to us around early-2016. 

This was around the time the use of bots started becoming mainstream. Since it was so difficult for our team to cop some sneakers, most of us would purchase through Facebook groups but we didn't have time to deal with flakers and fakes.

Honestly, the 2-3 hours we would spend was not worth it. We all had jobs, and 2-3 hours lost of our free time, was worth at least $75 to us (assuming we valued our leisure time at $25 an hour).  

The rest of us would purchase off US marketplaces, but they charge a whopping $50USD for shipping and that equated to around $70 anyway...

We knew there had to be another way. 

And so we thought, "lets start a sneaker marketplace in Australia".

People told us we were stupid. Why would people buy from you when prices are cheaper on Facebook groups? Yes, we might be priced slightly higher but the user experience of buying on Facebook groups is terrible. Having to find the pair you want, bargaining and then ensuring that they are legitimate really sucks.

Besides, we decided that we would only charge sellers 15.5% + $5 - nowhere near the 20%-30% consignment stores in Australia charge. 

Confident in our idea, we started to plan and execute to figure out the best way to serve the wider sneaker community in Australia. And here we are today. 

Our Mission

From the beginning, we vowed that we would be in this for the long haul. This means we are happy and willing to cop short-term losses, if it means we may fulfil our mission.

We truly believe that many people fail to create anything meaningful as they lack the discipline to play the long game. Nothing inherently extraordinary can come from chasing selfish short-term gain, money or fleeting status.

Our long-term vision is to see the actualisation of a community of PUSHAS - a select few who, bound by their love of sneakers, share our way of life.

What started off as a mere idea to create a platform to buy and sell sneakers in Australia has now grown to be something more for us.

Now, our motivation to build up PUSHAS is not just to help sneaker enthusiasts buy and sell sneakers, but to also build up a community.

So definitely if you have any suggestions, comments or would just like to chat, shoot me an email and I'll respond to you A$AP. I would love to hear from PUSHAS around Australia and I will make sure your voice is heard. 

We will together continually forge what it means to be apart of team PUSHAS.  

Collectively, we push boundaries, reject norms, and defy odds. 

I hope that you can join us and walk this journey with us. It won't be easy, but nothing good ever is. 



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I’ll be following Team PUSHAS journey. Got my support!


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