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An Update On Nike Vs. Adidas

Despite the rivalry between Adidas and Nike being debated time and time again, there have two been questions circulating around the sneaker scene.
1. Is Adidas slowly dying?
2. Is Nike back on the rise?


Whilst it may be too early in the year to make a decisive call, our numbers from the opening months of 2018 might just be enough for us to predict what to expect. 


PUSHAS Sales Figures 

What Do These Numbers Mean? 

As we can see, Adidas still dominates Nike in sales. However, the German brand is on the decline...

While many may argue that the sneaker industry is heavily dependent on influencers, it could be safe to say Adidas might keep the lead. This might be the case especially after seeing Drake recently wearing a YEEZY Nylon Parka and 500s. 

Sure there is a reduced demand for technical performance and a shift towards fashion, with Adidas supposedly catering the fashion desires of customers. 

But if there is one thing we've learnt in recent times, it is that people will buy what looks nice. Period. 

And to be quite honest, Adidas has not provided any of that recently. 

Some may say there's the UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultraboost, but even then we all know that the silouette has been overplayed now.

It's 2018 and Adidas has yet to release anything amazing. Just take a look at some of their silhouettes.

Deerupts, Akryns, Kamandas.


When you compare these shoes to the likes of Nike's Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon and the VaporMax x 'Off-White' 2.0, you can almost say Adidas is being belittled right now. 

And if you dare say that the Yeezy 500s are Adidas' big weapon, then you should maybe check out some of the comments on Instagram, because that silhouette is getting no love at all.    

Oh yeah, the Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon 

Anyways, on the brighter side, we have clearly seen the HYPE around the Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon. To say the shoe has been flooded all over social media is an understatement. 

But what is so special about the number one selling Nike sneaker on PUSHAS? 

In celebration of this year’s Air Max Day, Nike released Sean Wotherspoon’s Vote Forward-winning design of the Air Max 1/97.



A hybrid of the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 97, the sneaker channels Wotherspoon’s love for all things ’90s -- hats, windbreakers, t-shirts. According to Wotherspoon, the multicoloured corduroy upper was subconsciously inspired by the motive to match the sneaker with his own uniform staple of white T-shirt. 

Other design details also include small Swoosh branding, corduroy pull tabs, interchangeable tongue patches, and four lace options. 

Inspired by the Air Jordan I, Sean set off to choosing materials with the intention of creating something that gets better with age. "What I was trying to accomplish with this Air Max 97 Hybrid is exactly what Nike did with the 1985 Air Jordan 1s — my favorite shoe ever. I got so many pairs, yo! People are always buying them, they’re never out of style. And, the more you wear them, beat them up, the more scuffs they get, the shoes just keep looking better and better and better and better! That shoe will live forever."



This, coupled with his vegan lifestyle and the ubiquity of corduroy in '90s gear, made for an easy choice of material for the upper: cord on everything.

"Colours represented in corduroy are so much richer." 

The smiley face found on the shoe’s insoles was taken from a vintage “Have a Nike Day” T-shirt. 

Speaking on that detail, Wotherspoon said, “When you put your shoes on, the first thing you want to see is a face smiling back at you, right?”

Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon Fact Sheet

Moving Forward 

Whilst the shoe itself is an amazing piece of art, Nike has indicated something worth paying attention. Sure Nike has lost many influencers over the past few years - most notably Kanye West and possibly Drake.

But the one thing that Nike does so well is the designing of their shoes. Ok yes there have been some whack silhouettes but in retrospect, it is only right to give credit to their initiative to take onboard creative designs. Just take a look at the work of Virgil Abloh in constructing "The Ten" and that is more than enough to show Nike's creative mind. And then you look at a guy like Sean Wotherspoon, a co-founder of Round Two, the beloved secondhand shop that that traffics in both Yeezys and vintage Polo... all thanks to Nike's “RevolutionAir” design competition. 



To find out more about Sean Wotherspoon, check out Sneakernews' interview here.  

With that being said, I think we could really expect a big rise from Nike. Despite being questioned about their reliance on retros, it seems rather promising to finally see Nike returning to its innovative best. 

And as for Adidas, well no one seems to be quite sure what is installed.

Final Word

With Nike sales increasing early in the year with only a few big releases, it really begs the question.  

Should Adidas be worried? 

There just seems to be no sign at all from Adidas that there is something big installed...

Or are they hibernating, waiting for the perfect time to respond?

Let us know in the comments below which upcoming Nike release you're excited for and what you think the next big Adidas shoe is! 


By Daniel PUSHAS

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