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The Nike Dunk has transcended college basketball to now being one of the most worn Nike sneakers in the streets of Australia and worldwide. Today Nike Dunks are a cultural icon, known for its versatility on any outfit and ability to transcend sport, style and culture.

Most notably, the Nike Panda Dunk Lows are one of the most popular sneakers in recent times. Panda Dunks are everywhere!

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Nike Dunk FAQs

What is the history of Nike Dunks?

The Nike Dunk begun as a basketball shoe and soon turned into a skateboard shoe staple. The Nike Dunk released in 1985 as a high-top basketball shoe. It took inspiration designs from the Nike Air Force 1, The Terminator and the Air Jordan 1. Nike Dunks were released with a marketing campaign that allowed college basketball teams to wear their team colors. Despite its initial success, the Jordan 1s quickly outpaced the Dunks in success during the initial years.

As the Nike Dunk lost hype elsewhere, skaters began to gravitate towards Nike Dunks as they were affordable, easily obtained and provides skaters the traction, support and cushioning needed.

Over the next few decades, Nike mostly focused on incremental changes to the shoe that largely accommodated the skater community. However, in 2020, Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low Cactus Jack hit the market and proved to be a revamp for the Dunk brand amongst a wider audience. Nike has since released the shoes in both Nike Dunk Women and Men styles in a range of colours.

Today, the Nike Dunk continues to be a sought-after shoe, with new releases and collaborations selling out quickly. If you're looking to cop a pair of Nike Dunks, look no further than PUSHAS. As the top sneaker marketplace in Australia, PUSHAS offers a wide range of Nike Dunks, including exclusive releases and hard-to-find colorways. With competitive pricing and fast shipping, PUSHAS is your one-stop-shop for all things Nike Dunk.

What is the most popular Nike Dunk colour?

The Nike Dunk colourways that are the most popular include Nike Panda Dunks (Dunk Low Black and White), grey dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Two-Toned Grey, Dunk Low Grey Fog), blue dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Valerian Blue) and Green dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Lottery Pack Malachite Green).

Why are Nike Dunks so popular?

Nike Dunks have recently experienced a surge in popularity, transcending the nuances of sneaker culture to become a mainstream sensation. The simplicity of their classic design, combined with a wide variety of colorways and collaborations with other brands and artists, have made them a statement piece and a must-have for sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, their accessibility and versatility have made them popular among a wider audience, from athletes to rappers to casual wearers. Not only are we seeing celebrities like Rihanna, PJ Tucker, and Travis Scott always rocking eclectic Nike Dunk colourways, but you'll see them worn by everyone, everywhere. There's no discrimination or gatekeeping when it comes to the Nike Dunk.

When you think of sneakers nowadays, the Nike Dunk are the default. Everyone needs at least one pair of Nike Dunks in their sneaker rotation.

Nike Dunks have become an icon of urban fashion and self-expression, representing a mix of style, comfort, and nostalgia that resonates with today's culture.

Why are Nike Dunk sneakers selling above RRP?

First, the iconic design of the Dunks has made them highly sought-after by collectors and people who just want to wear a nice pair of sneakers alike. Even though most Nike Dunk sneakers are general release, the insane demand on the highly sought-after silhouette means that the demand and scarcity drives up their resale value. There is simply not enough Nike Dunks produced and released to the number of people looking to buy them. Sneaker culture doesn't seem to be stopping, and therefore the demand for Nike Dunks don't seem to be stopping either.

On top of this, Nike has been releasing limited-edition versions of the shoe, often collaborating with artists, musicians, and fashion brands, which has driven up their demand and value of the whole Nike Dunk range overall. The recent 'Off-White' or the 'Why So Sad?' collaborations are a textbook examples of this.

All of these factors have combined to make Nike Dunk sneakers highly coveted and valuable, which is why they often sell for more than their retail price.

Do Nike Dunks run big or small?

Nike Dunks generally run true to size. Nike Dunks fit slightly narrow at the beginning, but tend to expand over time so there is no need to size up with these sneakers. This is the case for all Dunks including Dunk Lows, Dunk Highs and Dunk Mids.

Are Nike Dunk shoes comfortable to wear?

Nike Dunk shoes are up there in terms of comfort.

The padded collar and tongue really hug your foot nicely, and the cushioned insole is a game-changer. You can wear these bad boys all day long and your feet won't hate you for it.

Of course, like any shoe, it depends on your foot shape and size, but overall, Nike Dunks are a solid choice if you're looking for sneakers that are comfortable to wear.

What do I wear Nike Dunks with? What is the best way to style Nike Dunks?

When it comes to styling Nike Dunks, there are endless options that allow you to express your unique fashion sense. Pairing them with jeans or joggers gives off a casual and relaxed vibe, while wearing them with shorts provides a more summery and athletic look. You can also dress them up by pairing them with a blazer and chinos or a flowy skirt.

Bold colorways like the 'Copa Blues' or 'Peach Cream' can be paired with neutral outfits to make them stand out, while simple black and white versions like the 'Panda Dunks' or 'Black / White' colourways can be worn with just about anything. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and let the shoes make the statement.

Overall, the versatility of Nike Dunks makes them a must-have addition to any sneaker collection, and the options for styling them are limited only by your imagination.

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