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The Nike Air Max Plus TN was popularised by 'lad' culture in the UK and Australia. Now it has taken the world by storm with its reputation for ground breaking designs. But even in the Air Max family, the Nike Air Max Plus TN is instantly recognizable. Wavy lines on the upper, buoyant Tuned Air technology, and vibrant, gradient colorways are all signatures of the Plus TN. To break convention and achieve this patented look, Nike had to think outside of the box. They turned to Sean McDowell, their newest designer.

Inspired by a recent trip to Florida, McDowell began crafting what would later become the Air Max Plus, a shoe infused with tropic details and steeped in originality.

The stripes locking down the midfoot on the Air Max Plus echoed the shapes of palm trees blowing in the wind, while the upper’s sublimated color treatment recalled Florida sunsets. The result was an Air Max icon like nothing the world had seen.

Even though the Air Max Plus TN quickly became a streetwear legend, McDowell packed the shoe with technology intended for runners. Most importantly, he incorporated Tuned Air technology into the shoe. Tuned Air adds rigid hemispheres to the Air bubbles in the heel to increase stability so that your foot doesn’t role outwards.

But McDowell’s ingenuity didn’t stop with Tuned Air. Running shoes at the time, however, only put reflective strips on the heel of the shoe. The Nike Air Max Plus changed this. By incorporating reflective surfaces into the front of the shoe, the Air Max Plus achieved 360 visibility at night.

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