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Please note the following:

• PUSHAS Consultations run for 15 minutes from the time you select. If you are running late, the time will be taken from the time booked.

• PUSHAS Consultations are for new enquiries only and not for existing order enquiries. For any order enquiries, please email In the event, where the consultation is booked based on an existing order enquiry, we will advise you to contact and end the consultation.

• We expect all customers to engage in respectful and professional communication with our team members. This includes refraining from using offensive, abusive, or threatening language, treating our team members with courtesy and fairness, and cooperating in a constructive manner. Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in consequences such as limited access or termination of services. We appreciate customers' cooperation in creating a positive and respectful environment for everyone involved.

• During peak seasons, consultation times may vary.