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Mr Winston FAQs

What is the history of Mr Winston?

Mr Winston is the brainchild of a badass Mum and Daughter duo Karen & Ella Davidson. Back in 2017, they set out to solve a problem that they, and many others like them, faced: how to dress comfortably and still look refined. And thus, Mr Winston was born - named after their lovable Golden Retriever.

Ella's expertise in vintage garments helped her spot a gap in the market for their demographic. But it's not just Ella's experience that sets them apart - it's the combination of old-school and new-school knowledge that makes Mr Winston so successful.

Karen's vast background in design, project management, and manufacturing played a crucial role in bringing their vision to life. From their kitchen bench in Melbourne, they designed their first line of Linen & Satin samples, sourced the materials, and even enlisted their friends as fit models.

The result? A brand that's both comfortable and chic, perfect for those who want to look and feel their best.

Why is Mr Winston so popular?

Hey there, if you're living south of the Yarra and you're a 20-something fashion enthusiast, you've probably seen Mr Winston hoodies all around town. This Melbourne-based leisurewear brand has made quite the name for itself with its hard-to-get drops and sporadic releases of off-duty wear that people just can't seem to get enough of.

The pivotal moment for the brand came in November 2020 with the launch of the Mr Winston Sport Collection. The brand's sense of style and vibe had been developed over time, and people were finally ready to walk around with the Mr Winston logo on their clothes. The demand has been overwhelming, with limited fast-paced drops causing the brand's Instagram following to skyrocket.

All in all, Mr Winston's steady and self-driven rise to fame is a testament to the power of hard work, sustainability, and distinct branding. And let me tell you, it's not just the 20-something girls wearing these hoodies anymore – Mr Winston's foothold in the zeitgeist is undeniable.

Are all Mr Winston Apparel on PUSHAS Authentic?

Yes. All Mr Winston items on PUSHAS is 100% authentic and verified by hand so you can shop with confidence. PUSHAS is the premier hype sneaker and apparel marketplace with thousands of verified sellers on the platform.

Why are Mr Winston Apparel like the Mr Winston Hoodies selling for above RRP?

The Mr Winston brand has a strong following among fashion enthusiasts and social media influencers alike, which has driven up demand and hype for its products. This has meant that demand for these items overwhelm the limited supply that the brand can release - driving up market prices for each item on the secondary market.

Everyone in the know seems to be competing to purchase the all available Mr Winston stock, especially the Mr Winston Hoodies... and they're selling fast on PUSHAS despite prices set by our sellers being above RRP.

How do Mr Winston hoodies fit?

Mr Winston hoodies are generally oversized fit. With that said, many people say that Mr Winston hoodies look better oversized so we recommend either purchasing your size or even going a size up for the extra oversized look. 

Where do you buy Mr Winston?

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