How It Works

Sneaker Platform

Our Sneaker Platform is simple.

We upload new sneakers on our site weekly on Wednesdays 7PM-9PM AEST. We also restock our sneakers randomly throughout the week. 


For buyers, it acts exactly like an e-commerce store for sneakers. 

All you have to do is find your size, add to cart, check out and pay.

Your buying experience using PUSHAS is exceptional. You get to choose from a wide variety of the most rare and exclusive sneakers in Australia. It's convenient, quick, and you don't have to deal with flakers and potential scammers.You also have peace of mind because you know that each sneaker is checked for authenticity. 

You can pay via Card or PayPal via the PayPal option, or through AfterPay.

Of course, you need to be quick because most of our sneakers (especially the popular sizes, silhouettes, and colourways sell within minutes of being uploaded). 

Depending on the state or country you're in, they will be shipped to you via Premium Courier Shipping.

For east coast states (NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT), it should take 1-4 business days, and slightly longer elsewhere. 


For sellers, you will need to sign up and get accepted first. 

We do this to ensure that our sneaker resellers are the best sellers in Australia.

This also allows us to vet our sellers to make sure that your sneakers are authentic as well, and you're not here to scam our buyers. 

Once you have passed and officially onboarded as a PUSHAS seller, you will then start to send your sneakers in. 

If the sneakers pass the authenticity checks, they will be photographed and uploaded to our website for buyers to buy. 

Once buyers purchase your sneakers, you will be paid minus our fees in the next week's pay run.

Click here to learn more about fees or to apply to be a PUSHAS Seller. 


PUSHAS Apparel

We drop a limited amount of apparel every week on Thursday 8PM AEST.

They are available to purchase until they are sold out. 

It is unlikely that the design we will return unless they are highly requested by the PUSHAS community. 

If you have any design ideas or would like to collaborate with us, feel free to send them to 

We will credit you in the product description. You can even leave your tag on the design. 

We also wholesale some of our Apparel to boutique stores across Australia. 

However, we do keep the runs limited and only accept wholesalers who align with our brand. If you think your store has what it takes, email with 'Wholesale Request' in the title.