PUSHAS Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  1. These Terms & Conditions pertain to PUSHAS Gift Cards, which are issued under the PUSHAS brand and are redeemable exclusively at PUSHAS.com.
  2. PUSHAS Gift Cards grant the bearer the right to select goods/services up to the value indicated on the Gift Card or the balance remaining after it has been partially used.
  3. These Gift Cards are valid for transactions through the PUSHAS online store (website URL), and via the PUSHAS telephone sales line.
  4. It is not possible to exchange Gift Cards for cash, either in full or in part.
  5. The amount displayed on a Gift Card is inclusive of GST.
  6. Gift Cards are designed for partial use, with any remaining balance to be retained on the Card, not exchangeable for cash.
  7. Should a purchase exceed the Gift Card's value, the holder must pay the difference between the Gift Card's value and the total cost of the goods or services.
  8. Our Gift Cards have 2 years expiration date. They remain redeemable up until 2 years of receiving the gift card.
  9. For Gift Cards issued by third parties are NOT accepted at PUSHAS.
  10. PUSHAS reserves the right to refuse redemption or cancel a Gift Card if there's a reasonable suspicion of fraud, prior to the provision of goods/services paid for with the Gift Card.
  11. PUSHAS is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards. In case of loss or theft, contact PUSHAS immediately. A replacement may be issued if proof of purchase is presented and the Gift Card has not been used. Without proof of purchase or if the Card has already been redeemed, PUSHAS may decide at its discretion whether to replace it.
  12. Neither PUSHAS Gift Cards can be used to buy another PUSHAS branded Gift Card.
  13. Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-returnable, except as required by law, including the Australian Consumer Law.