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Everything You Need To Run Your Hype Resell Business

Power Seller Fees

Minimum 5+ item listings / month | No monthly fees

Power Seller Membership includes:

  • Seller Fee: 18% + A$15 per item sold
  • Onsite selling available
  • Rent-free storage of your items
  • Offsite selling by Invite
  • Monthy seller insights & analytics to know which items sell the best
  • Complimentary insurance coverage on items stored at our warehouse
  • No cash-out fees
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Weekly payouts
  • Dedicated account manager with limited email and phone support

For US Seller fees, please click here for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Power Seller?

A Power Seller is our free tier for sellers that send in 5 or more pairs per month.

What is onsite vs offsite selling?

We offer two methods of selling:

1. Onsite selling refers to the method where sellers first send in their stock to the warehouse for consignment. We store your stock for free until a sale is made and then we fulfill your item.

2. Offsite selling refers to the method which sellers hold their own stock remotely and only send in stock to warehouse for authentication and processing once a sale is made.

For further information on how it works, see here.

For both methods of selling, Sellers may either purchase labels from us (AU only) or use their own labels to ship their items to us.

What if I send in less than 5 pairs per month?

We are currently not accepting Casual Sellers and require a minimum average of 4-5 sneakers per month or 10 pairs readily available for listing.

For those who start off as a Power Seller and then are unable to send in an average of 4 pairs a month, you will be bumped down to a Casual Seller (25% + $15).

What if I send in 3 pairs this month and 5 pairs next month, does that mean I am still a Power Seller?

Yes, you will be listed as a Power Seller. We work on an average basis, so as long as you are sending in 4 or more, on average, you will be listed as a Power Seller.

For more seller frequently asked questions, please visit our Help Centre.