Top 10 Nike TNs Released in Recent Years

Top 10 Nike TNs Released in Recent Years

 The Nike Air Max Plus TN which stands for Tuned Air is one of Nike's most innovative models of the iconic Air Max sneaker. We explore the best Nike TNs that have been released in the last few years.

History of the Nike TN

Dating all the way back to 1998, this globally recognized sneaker’s design came from the amalgamation of technical functionality and natural visuals. Simplicity at its finest with the means to push the needle for what the future can hold, creator Sean McDowell took something as routine as enjoying a sunset and turned it into one of the most beloved and versatile designs that is know within the sneaker head and hype community alike. From the exposed Air-Sole and whale tail shank, to its unique palm tree inspired overlays and original sunset uppers, the TN is easily recognizable along with its smaller and more discreet Nike swoosh and rear logo. Many color ways and versions of the TN have been designed and beloved by many as the years have gone by, such as the all black Nike TN, better known as the Triple Black, the OG Hyper Blue and the Nike Air Max France, but more on these sneakers and others later.

Cultural Impact of the Nike TN

The Nike Air Max TN has been in the shoe game for 25 years now, and has held down its spot even more so in recent memory. From world known celebrities like Drake to sports phenoms like Kylian Mbappe, the TN runs deep within culture as there have been many collaborations with other brands that have elevated its allure and overall hype. Collabs with Nike Supreme and Nike Air Max Tn Footlocker to name a few, have opened the gates of possibility as to how far the shoe and its importance within the sneaker community can be taken with new heights always looming around the corner. For a running shoe, this design has surely taken off in the casual space all the while breaking new ground everywhere it finds itself up for purchase in the retail and resell space. No more needs to be said as the demand and relevancy of this sneaker speaks for itself.

 Top 10 List

These Nike TN shoes were selected over other color ways and variations, based on a simple criteria. The look of the specific TN being first and foremost, with price, accessibility, popularity, hype and versatility also being considered as factors that helped to cultivate the list. Like most things in life, these chosen TN sneakers hit many factors of consideration within the criteria and are, as Thanos himself once stated, “Perfectly balanced.” In no particular order, here is our list of the best Nike TNs released in recent years:

1. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Hyper Jade'

Nike Air Max TN Plus Hyper Jade PUSHAS

One of the more recent releases of the Nike Air Max Plus TN lineage, the Hyper Jade combines subtle and cooling tones with the inclusion of the jade overlays and swoosh in cooperation with its white leather and mesh base. This design truly accentuates its namesake as this sneaker adds the finishing touches to a plethora of outfit combinations with likewise colors. Pretty accessible and affordable, the Hyper Jade TN makes a great addition to anyone’s sneaker collection.

Release date: December 7th, 2021

2. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Deadpool'

Every nerdy sneaker head’s prayers were heard on this one, as they all wondered what the child of a Marvel character and a Nike Air Max Plus TN would be. Having to wait no longer, The Nike Air Max Plus TN Deadpool was born as it is inspired in color way and design by the same Marvel Comics character it was named after. From its black upper with bright crimson accents, this sneaker distinguishes itself from the other black and red Nike Air Max Plus TNs that are out there as the white swoosh mirrors the iconic character’s eyes, as it has also caught everyone else's. A harder find than other TNs, it is safe to say that with the higher prices of this drop, you for sure get what you pay for, and that is word to the merc with a mouth himself.

Release date: November 10th, 2020

3. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Triple Black'

Nike Air Max Plus TN Triple Black

Triple Black TNs, what more honestly needs to be said other than that. One of the most versatile Nike TNs out there that can go with just about anything, these are a must have for anyone’s TN foundation. Even though triple noir would sound better, out of respect for this sneaker, it will be kept to triple black and speaking of respect, this sneaker gets a lot of it. Outside of the back and under TN logo, this sneaker brings all black everything to a whole new meaning from tongue to toe and from veins to sole. Affordable and fit friendly, this particular TN shoe is a must have.

Release date: December 20th, 2017

4. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Tiger'

The first OG Nike TN on the list but most definitely not the last, the Tiger was just two years late of becoming the first household Tiger all the way back in 1998. If beautiful views and aesthetics are your thing, then this shoe can have you going all day with its serene and vibrant yellow-orange that transforms a sneaker into a moving Miami sunset. Also being named the Tiger, this sneaker also closely matches the fur pattern of a tiger as its black veins nicely contrast its yellow-orange upper mesh. These were one out of three original pairs of TNs and they haven’t slowed down since as it will cost a bit to get your hands on these. It is only right to acknowledge and respect those that came before and this is no different as this shoe never left the top list.

Re-release date: April 1st, 2019

5. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Killer Whale'

A killer in the ocean and a killer in the TN game all the same, this contrasting color way is so simplistic that it makes people want to have it. Resembling the colors of an orca with a gradient effect and white veins, these sneakers do black and white in all the best ways, hence why it was able to make the list. Being a more recent release, there is no doubt that this TN will be rocked for years to come as it will continue to kill the TN game for recreation.

Release date: April 10th, 2020

6. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Lava'

These kicks right here are too hot to handle, but not to get confused with the Netflix series of the same title. The Lava TNs will have you rocking some serious heat, no pun intended, as these are a very vibrant and passionate shoe that can step up anyone’s fashion even on a bad day. An all red design with white reflectors going down this shoe, it may be one of the most unmistakable TNs out there as one has to be careful with how powerful this sneaker is, as it has the potential to put the rest of your outfit to a smoldering shame. Not out of reach for most sneaker enthusiasts, carrying this attention drawing shoe in your collection might burn a hole in your wallet from trying to find other articles of clothing that can compare.

Release date: November 18th, 2015

7. Nike Air Max Plus OG TN 'Hyper Blue'

Another OG on the list, these TNs are the cooler brother of the Tiger. Highly favorited and highly sought after as a classic color way, the Hyper Blue TNs came into the game swinging as they haven’t missed a beat since they came out all the back in 1998. The blue gradient upper and overall composition of this sneaker makes it the definitive blue Nike Air Max Plus color way, so much so that it puts the TN in Tuned Air.

Re-release date: December 22nd, 2018

8. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Arctic Punch Atlanta'

Pop, pop, pop these certified TN shoes can be seen at All-Star weekend and studded events where all the cameras are out. If looking at them wasn’t enough, wait till you put them on to feel just how great the night life can be. The City Specials as they are called, these pink sneaks are unique in every way from the hot pink upper to the lighter pink overlays and midsole. These most definitely stand out and scream “expensive,” rightfully so as these show stoppers know their worth and place on this top 10 list.

Release date: February 27th, 2021

 9. Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus 'White/Red'


Back in the day there was Superman and Batman and Shaq and Kobe, but today one of the most iconic duos is non other than Nike and Supreme. With this collab, they did it again with the Supreme White TN that may be one of the most unique designs out of all other TNs outside of the other sneakers that belong to the same Nike and Supreme line. The all white upper, overlays and midsole truly make the piercing red swoosh stand out, but that isn’t even the best thing about these sneakers. For those who know and like attention to detail, the veins of the shoe spell ‘Supreme’ backwards. That alone and the quality of the shoe gave it a spot on the list.

Release date: November 1st, 2020

10. Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Casper'

Nike Air Max Plus TN Casper

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Casper' features a unique colorway inspired by the friendly ghost character. These white and grey TNs with silver reflective tabs along the center will please any sneakerhead who appreciates the brand's signature Air-cushioned sole. Although simple, these TNs have been amongst the best sellers in recent and have become a staple Nike TN for many, so we thought it deserved a spot in the top 10.

Release date: January 1st, 2019

Honorable TN Mentions

These sneakers right here are some that are held close to the heart and feet of a lot of members within the sneaker and hype community, as these are the ones that almost cracked the top 10 list, but just didn’t quite make the final cut to get the Thanos snap of approval. Honorable mentions go to: Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Summer Gradient' W, Nike Air Max Plus 'Psychic Blue' and Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Unity Berlin'

Well there you have it, our top 10 Nike Air Max Plus TN that were recently released. With so many options to pick from, some favorites where not able to make the list, but that is a good thing as it is a true testament of the cemented legacy of this unique sneaker. Hopefully your picks match ours but let us know what y’all think of the list overall. Did we smoke the list and name all the ones that everyone was already thinking of, or did we come up short and leave out those hidden gems that are still creating more and more buzz in the streets by the day? Hopefully this was able to help someone along their TN journey as there is seemingly no stop in sight, but regardless, continue to hold the community down and push for new heights, always.

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Forgot the most sought after pair of all. TN Fireberrys. Number one on everyone’s list!


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