Sell to customers worldwide

Your inventory will have access to the largest customer base in Australia which includes global customers.

Sell your way - Offsite vs Onsite

Either keep your stock and send it in after a sale or consign by sending us your stock in bulk to be securely stored (LA & SYD).

No hidden commission fees

Our marketplace commission fees are all inclusive. No hidden payment processing or cash-out fees.

Bulk & Multi-channel listing

We provide bulk listing services with inventory automatically listed on multiple channels including, eBay & Amazon.

Free storage & Insurance

For onsite consignment, we store, insure, list, fulfill your sneakers for free with no withdrawal fees. 


Apply in seconds

Fill out the form below and you will be notified if you've been approved. We only work with the best sellers.

List your stock

Onsite -  List & send your stock to one of our Distribution Centers (SYD or LA). 

Offsite - List your stock and ship items as sales are made.

Sale is made

Onsite - Sit back and relax while our team fulfills the order.

Offsite - Send your stock to one of our Distribution Centers (SYD or LA) and we will handle the rest.

Get paid 

We release payouts on a weekly basis.

Resell the easy way 

Join us and start earning weekly



What are the fees?

For more information regarding seller fees and shipping service, check out our fee policy. 

What type of sneakers does PUSHAS accept?

PUSHAS only accepts brand new, deadstock and authentic sneakers. We accept boxes of all conditions. Damaged boxes are labeled on the product listing.

When do I get paid for my sold sneakers?

Once your sneakers have sold on our platform we take a service fee to cover the cost of the transaction. We do our payment runs weekly.

How does sneaker pricing work?

Sellers are in control of their sneaker prices. You can search for existing sneaker prices on our platform to get a sense for pricing. Prices are not fixed, and you will be able to update them whenever. Sellers also have access to dedicated account managers to assist you with pricing suggestions.