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Shop Authentic Mighty Jaxx Collectibles from Australia's Premier Sneaker, Streetwear & Collectibles Marketplace. Explore the largest range of new and exclusive Mighty Jaxx figurines in Australia. Wide range of designs, collaborations, and limited editions to suit every collector's taste and style. All Mighty Jaxx items are authenticated by PUSHAS so you can shop with confidence.

Mighty Jaxx: Pioneering Pop Culture Collectibles

Founded in 2012 in Singapore by Jackson Aw, Mighty Jaxx has rapidly grown to become a significant player in the designer toy and collectibles industry. Known for their innovative designs and pop culture collaborations, Mighty Jaxx has shipped millions of collectibles to over 60 countries, solidifying their global presence in the market.

At PUSHAS, we're proud to offer a curated selection of Mighty Jaxx pieces, giving Australian collectors access to these sought-after items.

The Mighty Jaxx Journey

Mighty Jaxx began as a small startup with a big vision. In just over a decade, they've expanded their reach significantly, collaborating with major brands and artists to create unique, high-quality collectibles. Their growth from a one-man operation to a team of over 100 employees demonstrates their impact on the collectibles market.

Notable Mighty Jaxx Collaborations

Mighty Jaxx has partnered with various artists, brands, and franchises to create unique collectibles. Some of their notable collaborations include:

  1. DC Comics: Mighty Jaxx has produced figurines of popular DC characters, bringing these iconic superheroes into the collectible space.
  2. Jason Freeny: Known for his distinctive "dissected" style, Freeny has collaborated with Mighty Jaxx on several projects, creating unique interpretations of popular characters.
  3. Cartoon Network: Mighty Jaxx has worked with Cartoon Network to create collectibles based on shows like Adventure Time.
  4. Capcom: The company has produced collectibles based on characters from Capcom's popular video game franchises.
  5. Netflix: Mighty Jaxx has created collectibles inspired by Netflix original series, expanding their pop culture reach.

Innovative Approaches

Mighty Jaxx has explored integrating technology into their collectibles. In 2021, they introduced their MIGHTY ALLOY™ platform, which includes NFC-enabled figures. This technology allows collectors to authenticate their purchases and access digital content related to their physical collectibles.

The company has also ventured into the digital collectibles space, showcasing their adaptability in the evolving collectibles market.

Collecting Mighty Jaxx

Collecting Mighty Jaxx pieces can be an engaging hobby for pop culture enthusiasts and art toy collectors alike. Their limited edition runs and collaborations with popular franchises make some items particularly sought after.

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