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PUSHAS Apparel Drop Sells Out In Less Than 3 Days


To celebrate our PUSHAS Thursday Drops, we dropped a limited drop of coloured Hoodies and Tees last Friday at 4PM.

We had only dropped 50 pieces per colour per style. By 2PM today (Monday), all sizes and colours had sold out. Most colours and sizes sold out within the first day. 

It was insane!

We are very humbled by the support we have received for the PUSHAS Apparel that's dropped. We knew it was going to sell out, but we didn't expect the collection to sell out so quickly!

We hope to continue to drop sick pieces every week during our PUSHAS Thursday Drops for all you ladies and gentlemen. 

If you have any design ideas as well, send em through to help@pushas.com. We'll tag you on IG if we decide to go with your design.

If you missed out on this drop, don't miss out this Thursday 8PM (and every Thursday) for new pieces that drop! 

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