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The Air Jordan 4 was designed by the infamous Tinker Hatfield for Nike & Jordan in 1989. The Air Jordan 4 has moved beyond the basketball court to become one of the most worn sneakers on the streets of Australia and across the globe. Today, Air Jordan 4s are a cultural icon, renowned for their adaptability to any outfit and their ability to transcend sport, style, and culture.

Jordan 4 sneakers are perhaps one of the most popular Jordan shoe silhouettes to exist today and are an all-round iconic sneaker. With their unmistakable design, featuring clean lines and bold color combinations, Air Jordan 4s stand out from the crowd. The sleek silhouette of the Air Jordan 4s, combined with their cushioned technology and superior craftsmanship, guarantees both style and comfort. These sneakers are a testament to the innovative spirit of Nike and their commitment to delivering exceptional footwear.

Top quality, iconic style - a favourite for sneakerheads and worn by artists such as Dave and Drake. Find out more about Air Jordan 4s below.

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Air Jordan 4 FAQs

What is the history of the Air Jordan 4?

In the dynamic universe of sneaker culture, Air Jordan 4s hold a pivotal place. The captivating story of their conception, development, and ascendance to cultural iconicity is a remarkable narrative that mirrors broader trends in sports, fashion, and pop culture.

The birth of Air Jordan 4s can be traced back to 1989, a year after the release of the Air Jordan 3. The innovative mind of Tinker Hatfield, the acclaimed Nike designer behind Air Jordans 3 through 15, was instrumental in the conception of this new model. Hatfield's visionary approach sought to create a shoe that was not only performance-enhancing on the basketball court, but also stylish enough to be worn off-court.

Hatfield's signature on the Air Jordan 4 design is unmistakable, marked by elements such as the mesh panels, which offered breathability, and the iconic 'wings' on each side that allowed for a customizable fit. What truly set this model apart was the over-molded mesh – a concept so novel at the time that Nike’s manufacturing team was initially skeptical if it could even be produced.

The release of the Air Jordan 4 coincided with an era where Michael Jordan, the legendary NBA player for whom the sneaker line is named, was at the height of his prowess. In the 1988-89 NBA season, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals wearing the Air Jordan 4 "Bred". This era was crucial in shaping the legacy of Air Jordan 4s, as the shoes became synonymous with Jordan's unmatched on-court wizardry.

Beyond the basketball court, Air Jordan 4s made their mark in pop culture when they were featured in the 1989 Spike Lee film "Do the Right Thing". This exposure helped elevate the Air Jordan 4s from a performance basketball shoe to a cultural fashion icon, making them a sought-after commodity among sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Over the years, the Air Jordan 4 has been released in a myriad of colorways, each bringing a new flavor to the iconic design. The shoe's minimalist aesthetic also lends itself to collaborations, with numerous brands and artists leaving their unique imprint on the design, amplifying its status from a basic sneaker to a piece of wearable art.

The popularity and cultural significance of Air Jordan 4s have remained steadfast over three decades. From athletes acknowledging their roots in sports, to music icons sporting them on red carpets, and everyday wearers valuing their comfort and style, these sneakers have crossed boundaries, becoming a universal symbol of urban style and a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of sneaker culture.

In summary, the journey of Air Jordan 4s from their inception in 1989 to their current prominence in the global fashion landscape is a rich tapestry woven with threads of sports heritage, design innovation, and cultural relevance. Their enduring appeal is a testament to their timeless design, which continues to resonate with multiple generations of sneaker aficionados.

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What is the most popular Jordan 4 colourways?

This iconic Jordan 4 silhouette has a storied history, featuring numerous colorways that have become fan favorites. One such classic is the 'Bred' colorway, with its sleek black upper and bold red accents that exude timeless style. Other popular Jordan 4 colorways include the clean and versatile 'White Cement,' the bold and striking 'Fire Red,' and the understated yet stylish 'Military Black'.

Why are Jordan 4s so popular?

Jordan 4 sneakers are probably the second most popular Air Jordan silhouette after Jordan 1 sneakers.

The sustained popularity of Air Jordan 4s in today's fashion landscape is a phenomenon that's been expertly crafted by a blend of timeless design, cultural significance, and deep connections with the worlds of sports, fashion, and music.

The allure of the Air Jordan 4s begins with their foundational roots in the realm of sports. The shoe's association with NBA legend Michael Jordan, along with its high-performance design tailored for the basketball court, strikes a chord with sports enthusiasts. Moreover, witnessing the iconic moments created on-court by Jordan himself while sporting these sneakers has etched a deep, meaningful bond in the hearts of fans, further driving their popularity.

The design aesthetic of Air Jordan 4s also plays a significant role in their popularity. They feature a unique combination of form and function that appeals to both sneaker aficionados and the fashion-forward crowd.

But what really sets the Jordan 4 apart is its versatility - it's the perfect shoe for both on and off the court, and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. The minimalist silhouette, paired with an ever-growing palette of colorways and collaborative designs, makes them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Their adaptable design makes them the perfect canvas for artist collaborations, where each creator leaves their distinct imprint on the shoe, amplifying its status from a simple sneaker to a statement piece.

Notable figures in the music industry have also played a significant role in elevating the status of Air Jordan 4s. Jordan 4s are not only popular amongst mainstream hip-hop artists like Drake or Travis Scott. Renowned rappers like Dave and Fredo, hailing from the UK drill scene, have been spotted flaunting their unique Air Jordan 4 colorways, infusing their urban style into the sneakers' appeal.

Their influential status in music and culture amplifies the desirability of Air Jordan 4s, introducing them to new audiences and creating a surge in popularity. This association with high-profile music figures has allowed Air Jordan 4s to transcend the realm of sports, firmly anchoring them in pop culture and urban streetwear.

Air Jordan 4s have evolved from their athletic origins to become a fashionable symbol of personal expression, embraced by everyone from casual fans to dedicated sneakerheads. This versatility and the unique blend of sports heritage, style, and cultural resonance explain why Air Jordan 4s continue to reign in popularity, appealing to a diverse range of enthusiasts worldwide.

In essence, the popularity of Air Jordan 4s encapsulates a perfect storm of design appeal, cultural resonance, and celebrity endorsement. As these shoes continue to be spotted on the feet of influential figures across sports, fashion, and music, their iconic status and popularity show no signs of waning.

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How do Jordan 4s fit?

When it comes to sizing, Air Jordan 4s are typically considered true to size, but individual experiences can vary depending on the specific model and a person's foot shape. Sizing can be a crucial factor that significantly influences the comfort and overall experience of wearing these iconic sneakers, and it's crucial to get it right.

Air Jordan 4s are renowned for their snug fit which provides optimal support, making them an ideal sneaker for those who value both style and comfort. They are built with a broad base, offering ample room for your feet, and making them a suitable option for people with wide feet.

However, like all shoes, they may feel slightly tight when they are brand new but will tend to expand over time, conforming to the shape of your feet. Therefore, there's typically no need to size up when considering these sneakers.

It's worth noting that there might be minor differences in sizing depending on the specific model or colorway.

Some special edition models or collaborations might come with a different fit compared to the general releases, so it's always a good idea to refer to the brand's size guide or look for reviews about the specific model you're interested in.

When it comes to choosing your size in Air Jordan 4s, the golden rule is to stick to your usual shoe size unless there's a noted exception.

We do have a Jordan Size Guide that you can check out to see what size you are if you need extra help.

Why do Air Jordan 4s sell for above Retail Price?

When you notice the Air Jordan 4s fetching prices significantly over their recommended retail price, you're witnessing a classic demonstration of market dynamics at work.

The phenomenon is deeply rooted in supply and demand principles, and hype. To understand why Air Jordan 4s typically sell for more than their original price, we must examine these influential factors.

The Air Jordan 4, with its classic design and undeniable cultural impact, has generated immense demand among sneaker aficionados, casual fans, and the style-conscious audience alike. Despite various models and colorways being available, the desire for these sneakers frequently surpasses the supply.

This demand-supply imbalance naturally drives up the resale value. With the enduring growth of sneaker culture, the demand for Air Jordan 4s is only expected to intensify.

Part of the allure of the Air Jordan 4 is the Jordan Brand's strategy of rolling out exclusive, limited-edition models. These unique releases often incorporate design elements or narratives that are particular to each variant, adding to the shoes' appeal and value.

Coveted collaborations with esteemed entities, such as Off-White and Travis Scott, or timeless colorways like 'Bred' and 'White Cement', exemplify this concept. The scarcity created by these limited-edition releases naturally enhances their desirability and, in turn, the price.

Therefore, the prices of Air Jordan 4s soaring above their original retail cost can be viewed as a testament to their iconic status, and the limited nature of many releases. In a nutshell, it's a fascinating interplay of desire, scarcity, and market dynamics that contribute to the high resale value of Air Jordan 4s.

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