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Born from a rich legacy of creating superior performance basketball shoes, Air Jordan 1s has now become a mainstay in the streets of Australia and around the world. Today, Air Jordan 1 sneakers are celebrated as cultural icons, revered for their adaptability that transcends sport, fashion, and cultural barriers.

Air Jordan 1 sneakers have solidified their position within street culture, becoming an iconic selection for sneakerheads and casual wearers alike. Recognized for their unique design, characterized by sleek lines and vibrant color combinations, Air Jordan 1 models indubitably stand out in any crowd.

The refined silhouette of Air Jordan 1 models, combined with their unrivaled brand clout and impeccable craftsmanship, promises a synergy of style and confidence that is second to none. These sneakers embody the legendary spirit of the Air Jordan brand and their steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional footwear.

It's impossible to discuss Air Jordan without giving a special nod to the Air Jordan 1. Known for its classic design and superior comfort, the Air Jordan 1 has become one of the most beloved sneakers of recent times. You'd be hard-pressed to find a sneaker enthusiast who doesn't own a pair of AJ1s!

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The Air Jordan 1s started it all. The iconic and sleek design of Air Jordan 1 shoes by Nike with the Air Jordan 'Wings' and Jumpman logos featured on all Jordan 1s are instantly recognisable to everyone globally - transcending language and style. The Jordan 1s are arguably the most famous sneaker silhouette in history and is the pair that started it all for the Jordan Brand and sneaker culture.

The Air Jordan 1 by Nike and Michael Jordan became an instant classic.

Air Jordan 1 FAQs

What is the history of Air Jordan 1?

Delving into the annals of sneaker history, one cannot overlook the profound influence and transformative role of the Air Jordan 1. More than just a basketball shoe, it is a symbol of cultural change, rebellion, and audacity, with a story as iconic as the man it was designed for - Michael Jordan.

The Air Jordan 1 was introduced in 1985, during Michael Jordan's rookie year in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. The sneaker was the first in a long, fruitful partnership between Nike and Jordan, which continues to shape the world of sports and fashion today.

The sneaker's design was conceptualized by Peter Moore, who took a chance by departing from the traditional white or black basketball sneakers prevalent in that era. The Air Jordan 1 was bathed in a bold black and red colorway, aptly dubbed "Bred," to match the Bulls' team colors. However, its colorway violated the NBA's "51% white" rule, leading to a ban and a US$5,000 fine for Jordan each time he wore the shoes on court. The controversy only fueled its popularity, with the Air Jordan 1 soon gaining a reputation as the "banned shoe."

Moreover, Nike smartly capitalized on this controversy with a brilliant marketing campaign featuring the tagline, "The NBA can't stop you from wearing them." This innovative marketing coupled with Jordan's stellar on-court performance, spurred the Air Jordan 1 into the realms of legend.

In 1985, the Air Jordan 1 retailed for US$65, which was quite high for basketball shoes at the time. Yet, the premium pricing did not deter sneaker enthusiasts and Jordan fans, and the AJ1 quickly sold out in stores, establishing the success of the Jordan Brand.

Over the years, the Air Jordan 1 has been re-released in various colorways, collaborations, and limited editions, such as the sought-after collaborations with Off-White and Travis Scott. Each iteration has its unique story and cultural significance, contributing to the ongoing legacy of the Air Jordan 1.

Today, the Air Jordan 1 is recognized as a hallmark of sneaker culture, a symbol of revolution in sports marketing, and a testament to the enduring influence of Michael Jordan. It has transcended the bounds of basketball to become a staple in streetwear, fashion, and pop culture, maintaining its status as one of the most iconic sneakers ever made. This enduring popularity, cultural relevance, and rarity of certain editions have also made the Air Jordan 1 a valuable collector's item, with some pairs selling for well above their original retail price.

In summary, the Air Jordan 1 is not just a sneaker - it's a symbol of a cultural revolution, a testament to daring design and marketing, and an enduring icon of style and performance, as impactful today as it was in 1985. Its history reflects the journey of a brand that changed the face of sports, style, and sneakers forever.


What are the differences between Jordan 1 Lows, Jordan 1 Mids and Jordan 1 Highs?

The Jordan 1 silhouette has unquestionably become a timeless icon in the sneaker world. Unveiled in 1985, it was the first-ever sneaker to bear NBA superstar Michael Jordan's name and signature logo.

The shoe's impact has been so profound that Nike, over the years, has released this classic silhouette in various iterations, including the Jordan 1 Low, Mid, and High. But what sets these models apart? Let's dive into the specifics.

The Jordan 1 High is the original version and remains the most iconic and sought-after variant. The High design extends significantly above the ankle, providing the most support and making it the preferred choice for many professional and recreational basketball players. Highs often feature a prominent "Nike Air" logo on the tongue and include nine lace holes.

Most importantly, the Jordan 1 Highs are directly tied to Michael Jordan's legacy, as these are the closest versions to what he actually wore on the court. They are frequently released in original colorways and collaborations (like the Off-White™ and Dior versions), which significantly contributes to their high demand and often higher aftermarket price.

As the name implies, the Jordan 1 Mid is a middle-cut version of the original sneaker, not as tall as the Highs but not as short as the Lows. They have eight lace holes and typically feature the Jumpman logo on the tongue instead of the "Nike Air" logo.

Mids are often overlooked by some hardcore Jordan purists because they were not part of the original 1985 lineup. Nevertheless, Mids have gained a substantial following due to their more approachable price point, wide array of colorways, and comfort that strikes a balance between the Highs and Lows.

The Jordan 1 Low is the most casual rendition of the three, offering a low-cut design that does not extend over the wearer's ankle, providing the most mobility and the least amount of support among the trio. Lows have seven lace holes and also sport the Jumpman logo on the tongue.

Historically, the Jordan 1 Low was not as popular as its taller counterparts. However, recent trends in fashion and streetwear have seen a significant increase in the demand for low-cut sneakers, bolstering the Jordan 1 Low's reputation in the process.

In essence, the primary differences between the Jordan 1 Low, Mid, and High lie in their height, branding, historical significance, and the consequent perception of them in the sneaker community. While the Highs have an unwavering popularity given their originality and history, Mids and Lows provide an appealing alternative for those seeking a more subtle, casual, or affordable version of this classic silhouette

In the end, the best version boils down to personal preference, taste, and the specific needs of the wearer.

Why are Jordan 1s so popular?

The Air Jordan 1 is more than just a sneaker; it's a cultural phenomenon that has transcended the boundaries of sport and fashion. The iconic shoe's popularity can be attributed to several key factors, including its historical significance, unique design aesthetics, various collaborations, and celebrity influences. 

When Nike and Michael Jordan unveiled the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, it was groundbreaking. It was the first signature sneaker for Michael Jordan, who was then a rookie sensation. The shoe was a symbol of rebellion, as the NBA initially banned it for violating the "51% rule," which stated that players' shoes must be at least 51% white and in keeping with their teammates' footwear.

Nike capitalized on this controversy by paying Jordan's fines and marketing the shoes as too revolutionary for the court. This made the Air Jordan 1s an emblem of non-conformity and an instant must-have.

The Air Jordan 1 features a timeless and versatile design. Its high-top silhouette, clean lines, and the iconic Nike swoosh make it a staple in any sneaker rotation. The shoe has been released in a plethora of colorways, from the classic Bred, Royal, and Chicago to collaborations with high-end brands and artists, giving fans endless options to suit their style.

The Jordan Brand has consistently kept the Air Jordan 1 relevant by partnering with influential designers, artists, and brands. Collaborations with the likes of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, Travis Scott, and Dior have introduced the silhouette to new audiences and pushed the boundaries of what's expected from a basketball sneaker. These collaborations often sell out instantly and resell for high prices, further adding to the mystique and desirability of the Air Jordan 1.

Many celebrities, both within and outside the realm of sports, have embraced the Air Jordan 1. From musicians like Kanye West and Drake to athletes like Lebron James, the sneaker's frequent appearance in the limelight has helped sustain its status as a pop-culture icon. Moreover, Michael Jordan's enduring fame and the success of "The Last Dance" documentary have reinforced the shoe's ties to greatness.

The Air Jordan 1 is central to sneaker culture. It was one of the original shoes that people lined up for, causing it to be ingrained in the history of sneaker collecting. Its re-releases or "retros" have become events unto themselves.

In summary, the Air Jordan 1's popularity is a blend of sporting history, design excellence, cultural relevance, and continued innovation. The shoe represents the perfect mix of on-court performance and off-court style, securing its place in the annals of both sneaker and cultural history.

It's more than a shoe; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of Michael Jordan and his influence on the game of basketball, sneaker fashion, and popular culture at large.

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How do Air Jordan 1s fit and are they comfortable?

Navigating the complex world of sneaker sizing can be a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to sought-after silhouettes like the Air Jordan 1. It's crucial to get the fit right, not just for comfort, but to truly enjoy the sneaker-wearing experience.

The Air Jordan 1 typically runs true to size. This means that if you generally wear a size 10 in most shoes, you'd likely be a size 10 in the Air Jordan 1 as well. They can fit slightly narrow if you have wider feet but in terms of length, you should buy the size you usually wear in Nike shoes. However, it's essential to note that everyone's feet are unique and what works for one person may not work for another.

Like many new shoes, the Air Jordan 1 may feel snug at first and require a break-in period. Constructed from a combination of leather and synthetic materials, the shoe will stretch and mold to the wearer's foot over time, providing a comfortable fit that improves with wear.

Beyond size, the Air Jordan 1 is renowned for its comfort and support. The shoe's high-top design provides excellent ankle support, making it a popular choice for both athletes and everyday wearers. The padded collar and cushioned insole enhance comfort, while the Air Sole unit in the heel offers lightweight cushioning.

In terms of width, the Air Jordan 1 is considered to have a standard or medium width. However, some users with wider feet have mentioned that the shoe can feel a bit narrow, particularly in the toe box. If you have wide feet, you might consider going a half size up.

As with any long-standing model, it's worth mentioning that there can be slight variations in sizing from one release to another. Over the years, minor tweaks in manufacturing, material choices, and design updates can slightly affect the overall fit.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1 is generally considered a true-to-size fit, but personal preferences and individual foot characteristics can influence the ideal size. The best advice is to consider the factors mentioned, try on the shoe if possible, and consult a variety of sources to make the most informed decision.

After all, part of the joy of wearing the Air Jordan 1 comes from the comfort it provides as it carries the legacy of MJ's phenomenal court presence.


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Why do Jordan 1s sell for above Retail Price?

The dynamic world of sneaker resale is an interesting one, fueled by supply, demand, and a passionate community of enthusiasts. Notably, the Air Jordan 1 stands as a potent symbol in this realm, often selling for well above its original retail price. What drives this price appreciation?

The cultural impact of the Air Jordan 1 cannot be overstated. As the first signature shoe of basketball legend Michael Jordan, the AJ1 represents a pivotal moment in sneaker history. It symbolizes the crossover of sports into mainstream culture and fashion, bolstered by its rebellious origin story of defying the NBA's "uniformity of uniform" rule. This cultural significance resonates with many, making the AJ1 a coveted piece of history that many are willing to pay a premium for.

Nike, like many luxury brands, employs a scarcity model when it comes to the release of the Air Jordan 1. They intentionally limit the number of pairs produced to create a sense of exclusivity. This limited supply, coupled with the high demand driven by the sneaker's popularity, inevitably leads to a rise in resale prices.

Air Jordan 1 has been a favorite silhouette for collaborations with influential designers, artists, and brands like Virgil Abloh's Off-White, Travis Scott, and Dior. These collaborations usually feature unique design elements, further enhancing the sneaker's desirability and exclusivity. Consequently, these limited-edition releases often resell for many times their original retail price.

Michael Jordan's cultural influence extends well beyond his basketball career. The acclaimed documentary "The Last Dance" sparked renewed interest in all things MJ, including his sneakers. Furthermore, celebrities and influencers often spotted wearing AJ1s help maintain the sneaker's high-profile status and demand.

Sneakers, particularly models like the Air Jordan 1, are now viewed by some as alternative asset investments. Similar to assets like art or wine, certain sneaker models appreciate in value over time. With its enduring popularity and cultural significance, the Air Jordan 1 is one such model, contributing to its elevated resale prices.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1's resale value above its retail price can be attributed to its cultural significance, controlled supply, high demand, exclusive collaborations, pop culture influence, the sneaker reselling industry, and perceived investment value.

These elements combine to create the phenomenon of the AJ1's heightened aftermarket value.

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