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Salomon, synonymous with robust outdoor gear, has garnered a place in Australia’s urban fashion scene. Salomon sneakers are distinguished by their functional design and outdoor-ready aesthetics. Key features include aggressive sole patterns, the Sensifit system, and Quicklace technology, all contributing to the distinctive look and feel of Salomon footwear.

The design of Salomon sneakers often incorporates elements inspired by natural landscapes, much like the Nike TN's mimicry of palm trees and sunsets. This integration of design and function results in footwear that's as at home in the city as it is on the trail.

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History of Salomon

Salomon Sneakers: A Legacy Founded in the French Alps, Salomon has built a reputation for innovation and quality in outdoor sports gear. From their debut, Salomon sneakers have been favored for their groundbreaking features and durability. The brand’s commitment to performance and style has made their footwear a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts and style-savvy individuals alike.

With a palette that spans from the understated to the bold, Salomon’s range has expanded to include a variety of tastes and styles, ensuring there's a Salomon sneaker for every explorer.

Why Shop Salomon Sneakers?

Choosing Salomon means selecting sneakers engineered for the trail yet perfect for the street. Renowned for their all-terrain durability and comfort, Salomon sneakers are also a symbol of style and innovation.

Salomon’s signature features, like the OrthoLite insole and Contagrip outsole, offer comfort and stability, while the fusion of protective textiles and modern designs make them a fashionable choice for any collection.

Salomon sneakers are also known for their enduring construction. With proper maintenance, they can last through countless adventures, making them a valuable addition to any sneaker enthusiast's collection.

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Why Are Salomon Sneakers So Popular?

While Salomon has roots in outdoor activity, their sneakers have transcended into the realm of urban style, gaining traction across various cultures and communities.

Originally embraced by adventurers and sports enthusiasts, Salomon sneakers have since seen a surge in popularity within street fashion, becoming a staple for those who value both utility and aesthetic.

This broader appeal is something we at PUSHAS love, recognising that Salomon’s versatility makes it a brand for everyone, irrespective of subculture affiliations.


Salomon Sizing Information

Salomon sneakers are designed with a true-to-size fit, accommodating both narrow and wide feet comfortably. 

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