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The Nike Dunks has transcended college basketball to now being one of the most worn Nike sneakers in the streets of Australia and worldwide. Today Nike Dunks are a cultural icon, known for its versatility on any outfit and ability to transcend sport, style and culture.

Nike Dunks have gained immense popularity within street culture, making them an iconic choice for sneaker enthusiasts. With their unmistakable design, featuring clean lines and bold color combinations, Nike Dunks stand out from the crowd.

The sleek silhouette of Nike Dunks, combined with their cushioned technology and superior craftsmanship, guarantees both style and comfort. These sneakers are a testament to the innovative spirit of Nike and their commitment to delivering exceptional footwear.

Most notably, the Nike Panda Dunk Lows are one of the most popular sneakers in recent times. Panda Dunks are everywhere!

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Nike Dunks FAQs

What is the History of Nike Dunks?

The story of the Nike Dunk begins in 1985, a time when Nike was rapidly expanding its influence in the world of sports. Born from the minds of Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, the Dunk was initially conceived as a basketball shoe designed specifically for college teams. Nike's innovative "College Colors Program" aimed to produce Dunks that matched the team colors of top-tier American universities, an approach that was both revolutionary and successful in promoting the model.

Constructed with a similar silhouette to the Nike Air Jordan 1 and the Nike Terminator, the original Dunk line-up featured 12 distinct colorways dedicated to seven NCAA basketball teams: University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, St. John's University, University of Nevada, University of Iowa, Georgetown University, and the University of Arizona. These schools were part of what was known as the "Be True to Your School" collection, which quickly gained popularity both on and off the court.

Despite its initial success, the Jordan 1s quickly outpaced the Dunks in success during the initial years.

In the mid-2000s, the Nike Dunk witnessed a revival, but this time in a new realm - skateboarding. Nike realized that skaters were wearing Dunks for their flat soles, ankle support, high top, padding, and flexible sole made it perfect for skateboarding.

As the Nike Dunk lost hype elsewhere, skaters began to gravitate towards Nike Dunks as they were affordable, easily obtained and provides skaters the traction, support and cushioning needed.

Nike recognized the shoe's popularity within the skate community and launched the Nike SB (Skateboarding) line in 2002, with the Dunk as the flagship model.

The Nike Dunk SB version included several modifications from the original basketball model to better suit the needs of skateboarders. For instance, the "puffy tongue" characteristic of skate shoes was incorporated into the SB Dunk, and Zoom Air insoles were added for better cushioning.

However, in 2020 Dunks saw a resurgence again with popular collaborations with Travis Scott's Cactus Jack brand, Diamond Supply Co and the Grateful Dead. Its timeless design has attracted a new generation of sneaker enthusiasts, leading to multiple sell-out releases and high-profile collaborations with celebrities, artists, and high-fashion brands. From Virgil Abloh's Off-White iterations to the colorful Ben & Jerry’s "Chunky Dunky" version, the Nike Dunk remains a canvas for creativity and expression. 

Today, the Nike Dunk stands as an iconic piece of footwear history, a testament to Nike's innovative spirit, and a key player in the sneaker world. Its journey from college basketball courts to skateboard parks, and to the epicenter of street fashion, is a shining example of how a well-crafted design can transcend time, sport, and culture. So popular that the Nike Panda Dunks are also now one of the most popular sneakers right now. The Nike Dunk's future, while rooted in its past, is undoubtedly filled with exciting chapters yet to be written.

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What is the most popular Nike Dunk colour?

The Nike Dunk colourways that are the most popular include Nike Panda Dunks (Dunk Low Black and White), grey dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Two-Toned Grey, Dunk Low Grey Fog), blue dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Valerian Blue) and Green dunks (e.g. Dunk Low Lottery Pack Malachite Green).

Why are Nike Dunks so popular?

The ubiquity of Nike Dunks in today's fashion landscape is no accident - it's a phenomenon driven by a unique blend of timeless design, cultural resonance, and a deep-seated connection with sneaker and pop culture.

The beauty of Nike Dunks lies in their simplicity. This classic silhouette, paired with an ever-expanding palette of colorways, lends itself to endless versatility. The unique ability of Nike Dunks to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes, from the subtly understated to the boldly extravagant, has helped the Dunks carve a unique space in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

Nike Dunks are timeless. Their minimalist design makes them the perfect canvas for collaborations, with artists and brands alike leaving their distinct mark on the shoe, elevating its status from a simple sneaker to a statement-making piece.

The broad appeal of Nike Dunks spans a diverse range of enthusiasts. On the athletics side, the dual association with two popular sports being basketball and skateboarding has kept the Dunk culturally relevant and admired by a broad demographic.  On the culture side, music icons sporting them on red carpets to everyday wearers who value their practicality and style, these shoes have become a universal fashion staple.

Nike's marketing strategy and collaborations have also played a vital role in maintaining the Dunk's popularity. Collaborations with high-profile artists, celebrities, and high-fashion brands have consistently kept the Dunk in the limelight. Collaborations with names like Travis Scott, Off-White, and Supreme have drawn in a new generation of sneakerheads, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the Dunk's reputation.

Notable figures like Rihanna, PJ Tucker, and Drake have been spotted showcasing unique Nike Dunk colorways, further cementing the shoe's presence in pop culture. But its popularity is not confined to the celebrity realm.

Nike Dunks have transcended traditional fashion boundaries, embraced by Instagram influencers and TikTok trendsetters alike, highlighting their broad-based acceptance.

Lastly, the culture of sneaker collecting, or "sneakerhead" culture, cannot be overlooked when discussing the Dunk's popularity. With a history rich in storytelling and a wide variety of designs to choose from, the Dunk has become a coveted item among collectors. The model's limited releases and special editions often sell out instantly, leading to high resale prices and an aura of desirability.

In the contemporary sneaker scene, Nike Dunks have emerged as the go-to choice.  Their growing prominence signals a shift in fashion norms, where owning at least one pair of Dunks is almost a rite of passage for anyone maintaining a relevant sneaker rotation.

Nike Dunks have evolved into more than just a shoe; they've become a symbol of urban style, an outlet for personal expression, and a link to our nostalgic past. They embody a unique combination of style, comfort, and cultural relevance, tapping into the zeitgeist of today's fashion culture, which explains why the Nike Dunk's popularity is soaring to new heights.

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Why are Nike Dunks selling for above Retail Price?

Nike Dunks' propensity to sell at prices exceeding their retail cost is a multifaceted phenomenon rooted in their iconic design, high demand, and the limited availability of certain editions. When considering why Nike Dunks are in such high demand, it's imperative to examine these contributing factors.

The Nike Dunk's timeless design and versatility have been instrumental in creating a substantial demand among both sneaker enthusiasts and the fashion-conscious public. Despite a significant number of general release editions, the overwhelming desire for these sneakers far outweighs the supply.

This demand-supply disparity naturally results in an inflation of their resale value. As sneaker culture continues to grow, the clamor for Nike Dunks seems destined to rise in parallel.

Nike's strategy of releasing special editions of the Dunk, often in collaboration with artists, musicians, and high-fashion labels, significantly amplifies the allure of this sneaker range.

These collaborations introduce exclusive design elements that are unique to each edition, further adding to the desirability and value of these shoes. The much-hyped 'Off-White' and 'Why So Sad?' collaborations are prime examples of this dynamic in action.

In essence, the above-retail selling price of Nike Dunks can be traced back to their inherent demand, driven by their iconic status, and the scarcity induced by limited-edition releases. This potent combination results in a high resale value for these sneakers, explaining why they often command a price higher than their original retail cost.

How do Nike Dunks fit?

Nike Dunks are renowned for their comfort and versatile fit, making them a popular choice among many sneaker enthusiasts. However, to truly unlock the comfort potential of Nike Dunks and to ensure they fit you perfectly, it's essential to understand a few key details.

When considering sizing, Nike Dunks tend to run true to size so we do generally recommend you buy your standard Nike size. However, one crucial aspect to consider is the two distinct variations of the Dunk: the Nike Dunk Low and Dunk High. While both models generally stick to standard Nike sizing, the Dunk High's higher collar might feel tighter around the ankle and could necessitate going half a size up for those with wider feet or for those who prefer a looser fit.

Next, the material can influence the fit. Nike Dunks are crafted from a range of materials, but the most common are leather and suede. Leather Dunks may feel stiffer initially but typically break in with wear, conforming to the shape of your foot over time. On the other hand, suede Dunks might provide a softer, more flexible fit right out of the box.

Another essential element is the distinction between standard Dunks and SB Dunks. SB Dunks were designed specifically for skateboarding and feature a few differences that can affect the fit. Most notably, they incorporate additional padding in the tongue and collar, which can make the shoe feel more snug. If you're considering an SB Dunk, you might want to try them on in person or consider going half a size up for a more comfortable fit.

Lastly, personal preferences can play a significant role. If you prefer a tighter fit to enhance board feel for skateboarding or like your sneakers snug for fashion reasons, stick to your standard Nike size. If you desire a more relaxed fit, consider going up half a size.

We have a Nike Size Guide to help you find your exact Nike Dunks size.

In conclusion, to ensure the best fit when purchasing Nike Dunks, consider the model type, materials used, your personal comfort preferences, and whether the shoe is a standard or SB model.

Remember, everyone's feet are unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. So you should always prioritize comfort and personal preference when selecting your size in Nike Dunks.

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Are Nike Dunks comfortable to wear?

When you're discussing sneaker comfort, Nike Dunks deserve prime consideration.

These shoes are crafted with a padded collar and tongue that embrace your feet, offering a snug, comfortable fit. Complementing this is the cushioned insole that takes the comfort factor to a whole new level. Wearing Nike Dunks for an extended period isn't just possible, it's a pleasure - these sneakers are designed for all-day wear without causing discomfort.

Naturally, comfort is a subjective factor that varies depending on individual foot shape and size. However, the consensus among many sneaker enthusiasts is that Nike Dunks offer a fantastic blend of comfort and style. If you're in search of a sneaker that delivers on the comfort front without compromising on aesthetics, Nike Dunks should definitely be on your radar.

What do I wear Nike Dunks with? What is the best way to style Nike Dunks?

When it comes to styling Nike Dunks, there are endless options that allow you to express your unique fashion sense. Pairing them with jeans or joggers gives off a casual and relaxed vibe, while wearing them with shorts provides a more summery and athletic look. You can also dress them up by pairing them with a blazer and chinos or a flowy skirt.

Bold colorways like the 'Copa Blues' or 'Peach Cream' can be paired with neutral outfits to make them stand out, while simple black and white versions like the 'Panda Dunks' or 'Black / White' colourways can be worn with just about anything. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and let the shoes make the statement.

Overall, the versatility of Nike Dunks makes them a must-have addition to any sneaker collection, and the options for styling them are limited only by your imagination.

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