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Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Battle Blue / Sky Blue' (2024)

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Battle Blue / Sky Blue' (2024)

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The Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Battle Blue / Sky Blue' (2024) is an electrifying addition to the iconic Nike TN series, featuring a spectacular gradient that fades from a radiant sky blue at the upper to a deep battle blue at the sole. This dynamic color transition captures the essence of a clear, open sky and infuses it with the intensity of a stormy horizon, making this sneaker a striking choice for any collection. The PUSHAS team thinks that the blue goes really well with the white base. Designed for the bold and the brave, the 'Battle Blue / Sky Blue' colorway exemplifies Nike's commitment to pushing boundaries in sneaker aesthetics.

Sophisticated Harmony of Hue and Innovation

This version of the Air Max Plus TN merges Nike’s renowned comfort with a daring color scheme. The seamless gradient from sky blue to battle blue mimics the vastness and depth of the sky, complemented by a crisp white Swoosh that adds a vivid contrast. The solid battle blue sole dotted with lighter blue elements not only grounds the design but also enhances its overall visual impact. A distinctive TN badge on the heel highlights the shoe's rich legacy and advanced functionality.

Key Highlights

  • Dramatic Gradient Effect: The sky-to-battle blue gradient on the upper presents a unique and mesmerizing visual that stands out in any setting.
  • Iconic Air Max Plus Features: Maintains the cherished characteristics of the TN series, including the wavy overlays and the robust silhouette, for a look that’s both contemporary and nostalgic.
  • Superior Comfort: Features Tuned Air technology for exceptional support and cushioning, ensuring comfort that lasts all day.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, this sneaker is designed for durability and all-day wearability.

Why the Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Battle Blue / Sky Blue' (2024) is a Mus