Most Popular Nike TNs In Australia

Most Popular Nike TNs In Australia

In the vibrant landscape of sneaker culture, the Nike Air Max Plus TN, colloquially known as the "Nike TN", "TN" or "Tuned Air," holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts and casual wearers alike, especially in Australia.

Since its debut in 1998, the TN has not only become emblematic of streetwear's evolution but also a canvas for Nike's innovative designs and colorways that capture the imagination.

This article explores the most popular Nike TNs in Australia, showcasing models that have transcended their initial athletic purpose to become icons of fashion and design.

Air Max Plus TN 'Voltage Purple'

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Voltage Purple' (2024)

The Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Voltage Purple,' unveiled in 2024, stands as a shining example of Nike's relentless pursuit of innovation within the realm of sneaker design. This striking model is distinguished by its vivid, electrifying shades of purple, a color choice that not only demands attention but also symbolizes the brand's bold vision for the future of footwear. The 'Voltage Purple' is more than just a sneaker; it's a declaration of individuality and confidence, designed for those who dare to stand out from the crowd.

This iteration of the Nike TN series encapsulates the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and technological advancement. The iconic wavy design of the shoe, a hallmark of the Air Max Plus series, is enhanced by the dynamic purple colorway, creating a visual spectacle that is both captivating and stylish. This design not only pays homage to the original spirit of the TN but also pushes the boundaries of traditional sneaker aesthetics, making it a must-have for both long-time collectors and newcomers to the sneaker culture.

Moreover, the 'Voltage Purple' model is equipped with Nike's revolutionary Air Max cushioning technology, offering unparalleled comfort and support. This innovative feature underscores Nike's commitment to combining style with functionality, ensuring that wearers not only make a bold fashion statement but also enjoy the benefits of a high-performance sneaker. The cushioning system is designed to absorb impact and provide a responsive feel underfoot, making it suitable for a wide range of activities, from casual wear to more demanding physical pursuits.

The release of the Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Voltage Purple' in 2024 is a testament to Nike's forward-thinking ethos and its ability to continually redefine what sneakers can be. It's a model that resonates with fashion-forward individuals and collectors alike, offering a unique blend of bold style and cutting-edge technology. As a statement piece, it reflects the wearer's confidence and unique style, embodying the spirit of those who are not afraid to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

In summary, the 'Voltage Purple' is not just a new colorway in the Nike TN lineup; it represents the fusion of innovative design, advanced technology, and bold fashion sensibilities.

Nike TN Plus 'Violet Frost' GS

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Violet Frost' GS (2022)

Launched in 2022, the Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Violet Frost' GS (Grade School) edition is a masterful creation tailored for the younger audience, infusing new vitality and aesthetic nuance into the celebrated TN lineup. This particular rendition is characterised by its fresh, frosty appearance, thanks to a delicate violet colour palette that strikes the perfect balance between allure and adaptability. It's a refreshing reinterpretation of the classic TN silhouette, delivering a distinctive style that sets it apart in the vast world of sneakers.

The 'Violet Frost' GS is more than just a visual treat; it's designed with the preferences and needs of young sneaker enthusiasts firmly in mind. The choice of a soft, engaging violet hue not only makes this sneaker stand out in playgrounds and school hallways but also offers a versatile option for various outfits and occasions. This flexibility ensures that the 'Violet Frost' can transition seamlessly from a statement piece to a subtle complement to everyday wear, showcasing its unique ability to adapt to the wearer's style.

Beyond its striking appearance, this model embodies a commitment to delivering exceptional comfort and durability, essential qualities for the active lifestyles of its young wearers. The sneaker is engineered to support and cushion, utilising Nike's innovative Air Max technology to provide a responsive feel underfoot. This attention to comfort, paired with the sneaker's stylish design, makes the 'Violet Frost' GS a preferred choice for youths who value both form and function in their footwear.

Moreover, the 'Violet Frost' GS resonates deeply with its target demographic by making a subtle yet powerful fashion statement. It's a sneaker that speaks to the individuality and evolving tastes of younger sneaker fans, offering them a way to express their personalities through their choice of footwear. This model captures the essence of what it means to be youthful and fashion-conscious, blending the best of Nike's design innovation with a keen understanding of what appeals to the next generation of sneaker lovers.

Nike TN Photon Dust Varsity Red

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Photon Dust Varsity Red' (2022)

In 2022, Nike introduced the Air Max Plus TN 'Photon Dust Varsity Red', a sneaker that exemplifies a masterful fusion of understated elegance and vibrant flair. This colourway, with its sleek, light grey upper, is beautifully accentuated by bold varsity red details, creating a contrast that not only highlights the TN’s distinct architectural lines but also infuses the design with a heightened level of sophistication. This striking interplay between the subtle base and the vivid accents encapsulates the essence of modern sneaker aesthetics, making it a highly coveted piece among aficionados of refined style with a sporty edge.

The 'Photon Dust Varsity Red' stands as a testament to Nike's unparalleled ability to blend functionality with high fashion. The choice of a muted grey palette, contrasted with the energy of varsity red, showcases the brand’s adeptness at navigating the fine line between subtlety and statement-making. This colourway doesn’t just appeal to the eye; it speaks to a lifestyle that appreciates the nuances of design and the power of colour to transform a sneaker from a mere accessory into a centerpiece of any ensemble.

Moreover, this model’s design is a nod to the heritage of the Air Max Plus TN series, known for its revolutionary approach to combining aesthetics with performance technology. The inclusion of Nike’s iconic Air Max cushioning ensures that this sneaker is not only a visual triumph but also a beacon of comfort and durability. It is designed to meet the demands of daily wear while maintaining its distinctive look, making it a preferred choice for those who demand both style and substance in their footwear.

The 'Photon Dust Varsity Red' resonates particularly well with individuals who possess a discerning eye for fashion and an appreciation for the craftsmanship behind sneaker design. It’s a favourite among connoisseurs who seek out pieces that convey a sense of individuality and sophistication, without resorting to overt extravagance. This sneaker embodies the balance between classic inspiration and contemporary innovation, making it a symbol of timeless style in the ever-evolving world of fashion footwear.

Nike TN Killer Whale

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Killer Whale' (2020)

Launched in the year 2020, the Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Killer Whale' stands as a formidable tribute to one of nature's most awe-inspiring creatures, the orca. This colourway captivates with its stark black and white design, thoughtfully chosen to echo the natural colouring of the ocean's most respected predator. This model has swiftly risen to prominence, earning widespread praise for its sleek yet commanding aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the killer whale's renowned strength and agility.

The 'Killer Whale' edition is more than a mere sneaker; it is a celebration of the power and majesty that the orca represents. The choice of black and white is not accidental but a deliberate nod to the orca's distinctive patterning, making the sneaker a moving homage to the animal's striking appearance and the symbolic meanings it carries across different cultures. In this design, Nike has managed to distil the orca's formidable presence into a wearable form, creating a piece that resonates deeply with those who are drawn to the mysteries of the deep sea and the creatures that inhabit it.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the 'Killer Whale' colourway is a testament to Nike's commitment to innovation and its ability to draw inspiration from the natural world to create something truly unique in the realm of footwear. The sneaker's design is imbued with a sense of dynamism and fluidity, mirroring the orca's seamless movement through the ocean waters. This model appeals not only to sneakerheads in search of the next unique piece for their collection but also to environmental enthusiasts who appreciate the deeper message of harmony with nature that it conveys.

Nike TN Black Aqua

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Black Aqua' (2023)

In the dynamic world of sneaker releases, the 2023 debut of the Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Black Aqua' has been a breath of fresh air, particularly within the Australian market renowned for its discerning tastes and affinity for innovative designs.

This iteration presents a captivating reinterpretation of the classic TN silhouette, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of the 'aqua fade' colourway. The meticulously chosen colour scheme, featuring a profound black juxtaposed with vibrant aqua blue, masterfully encapsulates the tranquil yet formidable spirit of the sea, positioning this model as a distinguished addition to any sneaker aficionado's collection.

Nike TNs are going through a design trend where there are various fade colourways and this one is the perfect execution of it in our humble opinion.

Nike TN 25th Anniversary Edition

Nike Air Max Plus TN '25th Anniversary' (2023)

In 2023, Nike commemorated a significant milestone in the realm of athletic footwear with the release of the Air Max Plus TN '25th Anniversary' edition. This special release marks a quarter-century since the inception of the TN legacy, a lineage that has undeniably shaped the contours of sneaker culture worldwide. With this anniversary edition, Nike pays a sophisticated homage to the enduring appeal of the TN silhouette, a design that has captivated enthusiasts and collectors alike since its debut.

The '25th Anniversary' edition is not merely a reissue; it is a celebration of evolution, blending the iconic elements that have defined the TN's legacy with contemporary design cues that reflect the dynamic shifts in sneaker culture over the past 25 years. This approach ensures that the sneaker resonates with both long-time admirers of the TN series and a new generation of fans, bridging the gap between nostalgia and modernity. The design intricately weaves together the original's distinctive aesthetic with the latest innovations in sneaker technology and style, making it a testament to Nike's commitment to evolution and excellence.

For collectors and aficionados, the '25th Anniversary' edition has emerged as an essential addition to their collections, symbolising not just a love for the TN series but also an appreciation for milestones in the sneaker industry. This edition is more than a sneaker; it's a piece of history, encapsulating the journey of the Air Max Plus TN from its origins as a groundbreaking design to its status as an icon of streetwear and athletic fashion.

In Australia, where the sneaker culture thrives on both historical appreciation and the anticipation of future trends, the '25th Anniversary' edition has been met with exceptional enthusiasm. Australian sneakerheads, known for their discerning tastes and deep appreciation for the storytelling aspect of sneaker designs, have embraced this release as a pivotal moment in the TN saga. It's a celebration of how far the industry has come and a hint at where it's headed, making it a must-have for those who value both the legacy and the future of sneaker culture.

Nike TN Bred Reflective

Nike Air Max Plus TN 'Bred Reflective' (2022)

In the dynamic landscape of sneaker releases, Nike's introduction of the Air Max Plus TN 'Bred Reflective' in 2022 stands as a bold reaffirmation of the brand's enduring legacy of blending iconic style with cutting-edge innovation. This particular iteration revitalises the timeless "bred" colourway — a term synonymous with Nike's signature black and red scheme — by infusing it with reflective materials, presenting a novel twist on a classic design. This innovative approach not only underscores Nike's dedication to evolving sneaker aesthetics but also enhances the model's versatility and appeal.

The 'Bred Reflective' model is distinguished by its unique capacity to interact with light, transitioning seamlessly from a sophisticated, sleek daytime sneaker to an eye-catching statement piece after dark. This dual personality of the sneaker is emblematic of Nike's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional sneaker design, offering wearers a dynamic accessory that adapts to varying lighting conditions and settings. It's this blend of functionality and flair that has cemented the 'Bred Reflective' as a favoured choice among sneaker enthusiasts who appreciate versatility in their footwear.

Moreover, the release of the 'Bred Reflective' in 2022 is a testament to Nike's ongoing pursuit of innovation, melding style elements with technological advancements to create sneakers that are not just footwear but expressions of individuality and fashion statements. This model, with its reflective attributes, not only elevates the wearer's visibility for practical purposes but also adds a layer of visual intrigue, making it a standout addition to any sneaker collection.

Nike TN White Kumuat Marina Hiking Carabiner

Nike Air Max Plus TN Hiking Carabiner 'White Kumquat Marina' (2022)

In 2022, Nike unveiled the Air Max Plus TN Hiking Carabiner 'White Kumquat Marina', a sneaker that seamlessly blends the rugged allure of outdoor exploration with the sleek sophistication of urban fashion. This edition stands as a testament to Nike's innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of traditional sneaker design by incorporating functional elements inspired by the great outdoors, most notably, the hiking carabiner. Set against a striking colour palette of crisp white, vibrant kumquat, and serene marina blue, this model transcends conventional categories, appealing to both the adventurous soul and the urban trendsetter.

The inclusion of a carabiner clip is not merely a decorative nod to hiking culture but a functional detail that resonates with those who value practicality alongside style. Lets face it. Australian's LOVE to hike. This feature exemplifies Nike's commitment to integrating real-world utility into its designs, offering wearers a novel way to carry their sneakers or attach them to a backpack, thus enhancing their utility beyond mere footwear.

The choice of colours — the purity of white, the energy of kumquat, and the tranquillity of marina blue — not only creates a visually compelling aesthetic but also evokes the diverse landscapes encountered in outdoor adventures, from snowy peaks to sunny trails and calm coastal vistas. This deliberate colourway selection further cements the sneaker's identity as a bridge between the ruggedness of nature and the polished urban environment.


In Australia, the popularity of the Nike TN transcends mere fashion; it's a cultural phenomenon that embodies the spirit of innovation, diversity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Currently, the Nike TNs above are the most popular TNs in as purchased on PUSHAS by Aussies. 

These models, each with their unique story and design, have not only captured the attention of sneaker enthusiasts but have also solidified the TN's legacy as a cornerstone of contemporary footwear down under.

As we look to the future, it's clear that the Nike Air Max Plus TN will continue to inspire and evolve.