Exclusive Interview with Josh Giddey NBA Star | Sole Therapy

Exclusive Interview with Josh Giddey NBA Star | Sole Therapy

PUSHAS - the Premier Sneaker and Apparel Marketplace - had the pleasure of hosting this exclusive session with Josh Giddey.

As Australia’s shining star in the NBA, Josh Giddey is no stranger to the limelight. But aside from his enviable basketball skills, he’s also known for his love for sneakers, making him the perfect guest for our latest Soul Therapy session.

Strutting more than just a mean game on court, Josh Giddey has earned a rep as a bona fide sneaker aficionado.

This insightful interview provides a look at Giddey’s journey from a childhood basketball enthusiast to an NBA star, with a special focus on his love for sneakers and how they intertwine with his professional life.

Throughout the interview, Giddey opens up about his sneaker obsession, his favorite pairs being a Nike athlete, the impact he hopes to have on future generations of Aussie basketball players, and much more.

Looking forward to his third year in the NBA, Giddey expressed optimism about his team's prospects, hoping they'll take things to another level.

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