Collection: Geedup

Shop authentic, new Geedup apparel and hoodies from Australia's premium sneaker and apparel marketplace, PUSHAS. Geedup is a clothing company based in Sydney, Australia. Geedup takes pride in its artistic flexibility and street culture roots and is heavily influenced by the Hip Hop movement of the 1990s.

As we aim to be the go-to destination for luxury streetwear, it's no surprise that we offer a range of pieces from the stylish and edgy brand Geedup. From the iconic "G" logo to their sleek and modern designs, Geedup captures the essence of contemporary urban fashion. At PUSHAS, we are proud to stock a wide selection of Geedup clothing, including their signature hoodies, tees, and accessories. Whether you're looking to elevate your everyday wardrobe or make a bold statement, our Geedup collection has something for everyone.

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Fun fact: Geedup and PUSHAS used to be neighbours in Surry Hills.