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Hold Or Sell: Yeezy 350 V2 Citrin


Sneaker Name

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Citrin



At the time of this memo, the Yeezy 350 v2 Citrins are the most recent 350 v2 colourway to be released by Kanye & Adidas.

It's a muted colourway meant to reflect a multi-toned, bold yellow hue.


Generally the 350 V2s silhouette has performed extremely well in the secondary resale sneaker market. I don't believe there is a better performing sneaker on an absolute basis within the past 3 years.

This is testament to Kanye's incredible rise - taking over a huge bulk of mindshare in sneaker culture.

The Citrins however have not performed well after 2 months from launch. They have stayed relatively flat in price and have not seen an uplift unlike other colourways.

With that said, there has been instances where Yeezys have acted the same. The Creams and the Sesames both come to mind - whereby prices were relatively low for a few months and shot up after most deadstock pairs were out of the market.

I'm of the firm belief that this will also happen with the Citrins.

The Citrins are a versatile & easy-to-wear colourway. I.e. they suit most outfits and aren't as "out there" or a "statement piece" such as other colourways such as the Frozen Yellows. They also appear to keep clean after multiple wears, and aren't as easily dirtied such as the Creams or Cloud Whites.

We are already seeing increased activity of Citrin searches, add to carts, and purchases on PUSHAS.

It is only a matter of time before these go up in prices as well.


Key Risks

The key risk for this sneaker is whether the Yeezys as a whole reduce in popularity. While this is unlikely, there is a world where sneakerheads may move past the Yeezy brand.

With that said, the 350 v2s are a modern classic and there will always be interest.


I am of the firm belief that the Yeezy Citrin speculators should HOLD as prices should arguably trend up over time.

They are currently hovering around the $575 mark, which I believe should hit $700+ over the long run.


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